2021 stallions deaths

Two more are gone…
Lots of “fans” pitching a beotch.
Seems you can’t win with these types :woman_facepalming:
They have a fit because the horses are “locked up” when stalled, yet the go on a rant when an accident happens during turnout.
As for the heart attack… quite a few jumped on the bandwagon of “too much excitement” for the horses. :woman_shrugging:
Instead of politely sending condolences to the connections.

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Condolences. It’s always tragic to lose horses.

But it’s hard to argue Danza was having too much fun when his 2020 book was a whopping 11 mares.


Next thing you know, PETA will be protesting turnout.

These must be the same people who buy shares in MRH, post about the quarantine at Saratoga, and then “OMG I hope our horse XX will be OK!!!” Uh, your horse is at Belmont. That’s a different racetrack.

Always sad when any horse doesn’t make it to a ripe old age. Half Ours really had a lot of fleabites in his coat.


Is this unusual? Do they increase with age, or is there a relatively fixed amount that just show as the gray fades?

Inquiring minds. I haven’t really observed the graying process occur over longer periods of time.

While sparklesrainbowsandunicorns dot com isn’t usually my preferred source to cite information from (LOL), this article has some good info on the flea bitten pattern:

In a nutshell, it’s thought to be a separate gene from the grey coat color. Not all grey horses have it and not all horses who have the gene get the same amount of flea bites. In general they increase with age, but at 18 years old, Half Ours was not young. To my eye, he looks like a completely typical flea bitten grey.


And now Bernadini:

Tough year.

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Bernardini will be a big loss :frowning:

Run free Bernardini and free of pain!

I hate this disease…


What a terrible loss. He was a great horse.


My thoughts, too, @Where_sMyWhite. It seems laminitis gets so many, one way or another.


Just so awful. Laminitis is a bitch. Have one who is fighting it right now.


Oh no, Bernardini… :cry:

That or colic. :cry:


Yep. BTDT with both. They are both awful.

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Not a stallion, but he was one of the beloved at OF

Wasn’t currently standing… was still racing

A few more from this year.

Darley’s Tribute to Bernardini



You can’t help but wonder “what if” about the 2006 season. Brave Barbaro and brilliant Bernardini.


Thanks for starting this thread, it’s sad to read all these names but I appreciate having the info in one place

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Catienus euthanized at 27.

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Lord Nelson gone from laminitis.

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