A very awkward and embarrassing question

His feelings were hurt? He felt… less than.

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He realized the horse had the biggest package.
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He was UPS and the horse was FedExtraLarge


Surely you jest.

Let’s add this thread to the reasons I like mares…


I hope that anyone with any knowledge about equine reproductive/sexual behavior, which is a natural result of the animal’s hormones, would have the intelligence to realize that hitting a male horse’s penis when he drops, is the same level of abuse that hitting a mare’s vulva when she raises her tail and shows estrus would be. Both are barbaric reactions on the part of the handler.

It’s the same thing, period, and it is completely unacceptable. If you (general you) are not educated in the hormonal behavior of horses , than I strongly suggest that you avail yourselves of the education that is available to you…

Educate yourself, rather than abusing horses by hitting the reproductive areas of male or female horses when they show natural, but inconvenient (to you) behaviors.:angry:

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I have a big, black gelding. Mares go into season around him all the time. My 30+ yo mare wees on him. He shows no stud-like behaviour around other horses, at all, even when they basically do a soft-core NSFW dance under his nose. Never mounted, nothing.


When I go to do up the belly straps of his rug.
Which are black.
There is a front strap, a back strap, and a big strap.
Gotta be careful not to grab the one that isn’t actually a strap.
Every single time you do up rugs, or give him sugar, or stand him up for a photo… HELLO! HERE I AM!



Those mares know that once you go black gelding…


Horses do, to our mid, strange things.

As long as your late cut boy keeps all 4 feet on the ground, and his teeth behind his lips, ignore it.


I haven’t read all the responses but wanted to say my gelding also does this sometimes. Mostly to me but has also done it to my farrier (male). He’s not smelling mares on me as he lives with the ones we have. I had his testosterone checked a couple of years ago and it was normal. He had a rough gelding (he’s a homebred) at a year and I wondered if they got everything but blood seems to say yes they did.

He is also a different guy and this is also just One More Thing. He does the deep nickering and basic erection before I shut it down. He can go months without doing it though. No idea what triggers it. He’s 12 now.

:rofl: :rofl:

I’ll take a bellythwacking, studtalking gelding over a screaming, winking, aisle-peeing hormonal mare any day :wink:

Once boarded at a place with an Uber-hormonal mare whose owner felt Regumate wasn’t right.
I felt sorry for the mare whenever she came in season. And that seemed oftener than usual :expressionless:
Screaming at anything that passed her stall & then the fire hydrant gush into the aisle… :roll_eyes:


Yuck. Well, my mare did make the most ridiculous face the other night while i was cleaning her teats, while lifting her leg to give me better access…

I’ve been lucky that my mares haven’t been overly hormonal.


My mare did that this week too! And was kicking her leg a little bit while I was cleaning. It was pretty amazing :joy:

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My mares are quite fond of the Noxema I put on their tits


MY “baby,” just does that when he is relaxed and happy or has a bubble bath. I would question if he is attracted to you… Someone mentioned the use of perfume which also can set animals off. An of course we are female … he may just be sensitive and responding our estrogen level ( sorry if this embarrasses anyone).

I have a neutered cat that mounts the stuffed animals. at home and masturbates them. That is second male at that is attracted to teddy bears and both were fixed a 6 months of age. I wouldn’t read too much into it … animals have their own minds and boy can they be embarrassing. But I would NOT Tolerate any rude or dangerous behavior. He can display himself all he wants he just would not allowed to invade my personal space.

I would let my vet do a blood test on him , check the testosterone levels to make sure nothing is going on. I know some people have simular problems with theri dogs… …


I’ve owned stallions, colts, late cut geldings, studdy geldings etc, and from my experience- it’s not about being attracted to a human. Just different moods. I have come across a stallion or two that would react to females menstruating but those were rare. Horses would generally react the same to different handlers, male or female, with or without other horses scent on them (for example, it wouldn’t change if someone arrived freshly showered with no contact with other horses), though some males can certainly smell other mares on you. I have a gelding that becomes erect with every grooming - he’s just relaxed. Happens regardless of handler. Stallions who were used to being collected on the ground would volunteer to be collected from the ground to anyone - it wasn’t the individual person that encouraged it. They enjoyed the job! Excitement is certainly a physiological cause for erections due to increased blood flow. Mounting is also an assertion of dominance - hence why a lot of neutered males still mount such as dogs or cats. And some dogs will become excited when playing - it’s arousal in different forms. But dominant behavior is often why males with no testosterone still mount. Even dominant spayed female dogs will mount but it has nothing to do with the actual sexual act. Just asserting dominance.


My horse was gelded at 8 months. I do carrot stretches with him before every ride and longe session. Is it the treats or he likes the stretches - I don’t know but he stiffens up almost every time. The only exception is sometimes when we’re away from home - don’t know if he’s distracted or discreet!

I have a five-legged ponymule. Seriously, whenever any person is around he drops and will sometimes wag it up and down. When i have the horses loose around the house he’ll pose outside the door and swing it up and down too. He seems to enjoy a human audience. i just shake my head in bewilderment and say: “oh Ollie.”


My gelding gets erect when I saddle because he knows a carrot stretch is coming before bridling. He drops and gets erect when our ride is done and I untack and massage him. He gets erect when I harshly tell him what to do or hose off his face which he hates. He likes a “boss mare” telling him what to do, I think that relieves his anxiety of having to make decisions on his own. He’s really good at dropping when I hose his penis with warm water. His penis is clean and has no beans because he lets me fish for them. I’m a rare client, according to my vet, who doesn’t ask for sheath cleaning at a yearly dental. He is pretty willing to let it all hang out when he’s in a relaxed mood. I encourage that and would NEVER discourage that with abusive reactions. Abuse is abuse.