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Amber Cobb reduced suspension

I don’t know that it will make much difference really, unless he’s changed his mind since 2020. https://www.horseracingnation.com/news/Fed_up_Team_Valor_CEO_sticks_with_pledge_to_leave_U_S_racing_123


More detail about the Delaware Stewards suspension of Amber Cobb;

I have not read all the articles yet, and I only watched a few seconds of that awful video, which was more than enough for me.

But clearly this wretched person should not even be allowed to work around mechanical horses on the merry-go-round. Much less the flesh and blood versions. She needs to get a job that does not involve handling living things.


Amber Cobb was issued a seven-year suspension and $11,000 fine for that and other rule violations by the New Jersey Racing Commission…

This week, the New Jersey Racing Commission issued its own ruling related to the February 2021 interaction between Cobb and the tied filly, as well as other charges. After an administrative hearing on March 20, 2023, stewards found Cobb acted “in a manner detrimental to the sport of horse racing and adverse to the health, safety and well-being of a Thoroughbred racehorse under her care” with regards to the filly. The stewards noted that she had not sought appropriate licensure in New Jersey despite training at an “off-track training facility that was licensed by and under the jurisdiction of the New Jersey Racing Commission from January 2021 through March 2021.


Here’s the direct link, if the above doesn’t open for you.
It wouldn’t open for me.


I feel sorry for all the horses she has or will train in the future. A lifetime ban would have been nice and something a little more punitive than $11,000.

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Maybe I’ve been around horses that don’t tie worth a damn, but 99% of the problem in the video was the slippery ass floor the mare was standing on.

I’m not saying to scream and hit a horse with a pitchfork, but part of learning to be tied IS putting some pressure on them so they hit the end and learn to come forward. Some fight HARD when they feel that halter grab the first time. My mare is one of them, you better be clear and have her tied with a LONG rope on a blocker ring if you haven’t been practicing recently. She knows to do the ol’ heave-ho-heave-ho and has pulled over 35’ of line through before, trying her damndest to get away.

Where she learned that, I don’t know. She also went through a phase where once she realized she couldn’t get loose, she would turn her ass to you to kick you. Fear-based or not, that was dealt with swiftly and I’m sure some would cringe watching that session. But guess what? She ties now, and won’t try to kick a human once she realizes she can’t leave.

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