Apoquel for horses

This is interesting. Is it horrendously expensive? I had my dog on it and the price was pretty steep. I’m currently struggling with my horse’s allergies. Right now he is on an Aservo Inhaler but I don’t see any improvement and he is getting real tired of the application process.

@stb it’s definitely not cheap. But I’m not sure how much the long term cost will be yet. She’s on 5 pills once a day for 7 days, after that we will drop to every other day, and then see how far we can space it out.

My understanding from my vet and from what I’ve read is that in horses there’s been a lot of success in spacing out the dosing, but not as much success in lowering the dose amount. I know there are some cases where the horse only needs 5 pills 1x a week–others where it’s every 4 days.My vet did say she has one client who’s horse has gone down to 2 pills every 3 days. So I think cost becomes dependent on that.

I paid $250 for 100 pills (that’s 20 5-pill doses). For this first stretch, that’s not going to get me too far since I need the loading dose up front. But it will take me through a month if I stay at every other after the loading. After that it would be about $250 every 6 weeks or so if I can’t further reduce time between pills. I’m hopeful, however, that I will be able to stretch out more so that I’m looking at $250 across 8-10 weeks instead.

Not really cheap any way you shake it, but considering that she was on zyretc, dex, smarthbreathe ultra, respi-free previously. I’m hoping those are things I can stop giving, so that will help some with overall cost.

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My dog has been on apoquel for about 2 years. She gets it all year long since she has a full list of allergies including dust, feathers, and cat dander along with grasses. She would be a scratching mess without it. I haven’t noticed any abnormal side effects.

Adding an update here in case it’s helpful for others.

We’ve been doing really well with every other day dosing. I have noticed that in general she is more comfortable on cooler days. So I want to make sure she has the support she needs to acclimate to hot humid summer weather. If she stays the way she is now, I will play with spacing it out further–first with every 2 days.

We’ve also been able to start rehabbing back into work.


Thanks for the update Blob