Bad news for older dog and I was potentially taken by vet practice

So sorry. That’s awful.

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I say get a second opinion for the best internal medicine practice you can find. Consider sending the radiographs to the vet school or a radiology specialist ( they do exist) for a consultants opinion.

There are rare granulomatous conditions that do exist. Another vet may wish to do a tracheal wash and culture to try and capture cells that may be diagnosis.

throwing drugs at a presumptive diagnosis is all you have right now.


I am very least want to consult with a oncologist.

She does have tumors/lumps elsewhere on the body. She’s had them for five or six years. No vet ever was concerned, thought they were benign. Maybe they weren’t so harmless after all ,:frowning:

Could they aspirate/biopsy one of the lumps? Would that be helpful?

Sending hopeful thoughts your way. :hugs:

We will see what the specialist in wants to do. Personally I’m pretty sure it is some type of cancer at this point but I know they like to know what type we are dealing with.

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You will likely be looking at a bi-cavity ultrasound or CT scan +/- aspirates depending on location and appearance of the lesions.

Hopefully you can get some answers and at least peace of mind that you are doing the right thing, even if treatment options are limited.

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Unfortunately she went downhill very quickly. She’s gone :frowning:

I was trying to work with the vet to figure it out but unfortunately whatever was going on in her lungs was too quick. I couldn’t watch her suffer any longer And kept rescheduling the euthanasia appointment from a few days up to next day and then we ended up taking her to the emergency vet that night because she was so bad.

My poor girl. I keep thinking back if I’ve missed some signs earlier wondering if there had been anything we could have done. I had been taking her to the vet multiple times the last few years for regular senior checkups and blood work. I don’t know if we missed something or if whatever got her is just extremely aggressive.

I’ll miss her so much. She was truly a one of a kind dog. I really hoped she would be one of those dogs that would live until she was 17 years old. :frowning:


I’m so sorry for your loss. You did the right thing.


If anything, we waited too long which I regret. But it was hard to know without a hundred percent definite diagnosis and the hope that we could give her at least some palliative care. But we did the best with what we had at the time. It’s heartbreaking but I hope she knows how treasured she was.


So sorry :cry:

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I am so sorry to hear this.

Don’t worry, dogs know when they have loving owners.
I’m so sorry. :pensive:


I’m so sorry about your dear girl! We always beat ourselves up but it really does sound like you did everything you could for her, including the emergency visit. Hugs!

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I’m so sorry.

She sounds like a lovely pup and I’m sure you did everything possible

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I’m so sorry. You did your best for your dog.

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So sorry for your loss…you tried your best for her. Hugs to you.

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It is natural to wonder ‘what if’ but it doesn’t do any good. I had a similar experience with my little girl beagle. By the time I recognized her exercise intolerance, her heart failure was unresponsive. I just didn’t push old dogs in the summer heat. She seemed fine just hanging out at home. When I tried to resume walks when the weather cooled, she was bad. 3 weeks later, she was gone.

RIP dear dog.



I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I t IS hard without a firm diagnosis ,and a hard one to make , for sure . But rest assured, you did what you could in the time allowed to find her a way to better health. Be peaceful in knowing many people will not make those efforts. Go forward with the happy, loving times in your heart.

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I’m so sorry for your loss and know how you feel. We lost a dog to a very quick bout of what we now think was some sort of cancer. She was fine, fine, fine, then looked a little off and the vet told us she probably had 3-6 months, and we made a quick decision 2 days later to let her go as her health just cratered.

I think a lot of dogs hide their pain until the very bitter end, whether its because they’re stoic or simply don’t want to worry us. You did your best for your dog and I’m sure they knew they were well loved.

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So sorry. Losing them sucks so much. Don’t beat yourself up. It’s natural to wonder, but you did everything you could.

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