Bee keeping?

LOL one reason I wasn’t in a big hurry to replace my bees is because I had too much mead sitting around all the time. I don’t need extra excuses to drink mid-week!

Elderflower mead is really easy to make. :slight_smile:

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That’s so true about hive “personalities”. We give space on our land to a beekeeper for about 50 hives, and he gives us honey in return. He must pick docile queens because our bees are so easygoing and peaceful. We can walk right near the hives and they don’t care at all. Every now and then you’ll get buzzed close by a scout, warning you off, but for the most part they just ignore us.

They’re fascinating. I love noticing how the behavior patterns change during the day, and during the season.

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I don’t know diddly squat about keeping bees myself but a couple of my neighbors have hives. Both claim that the bees are pretty easy to care for.

In the distant future I’d like to have some myself. I don’t use much in the way of insecticide on our farm but I’d have to research more before I got started.

Beekeeping seems relatively common here. I drive past a number of homes that have hives and see notices on FB about the local beekeeping club.

Most bee hives are that way; they don’t want to sting you, and simply being near the hive doesn’t really upset them. Mowing around one takes strategy though. :slight_smile:

I know nothing about bees, but…my next door neighbor in my old place brought in bees, and put the hives next to the fence line between our properties. When I put my house on the market, several men who came through the day of the open house were stung several times, but no women. The couple who bought my place? Same thing. The wife was fine, but the husband was stung five times. Fortunately they still bought it, but I wondered if there’s a thing about men vs. women and bees.

Even my realtor thought it was sort of strange.

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