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BEET PULP: Anyone safely feed just 3x/week?

Sorry- I did not mean everyone on here- I meant those out there who swear by it

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I fed beet pulp for years and never had a colic from it. I’ve fed it to all my senior horses back when it was more affordable. It used to be relatively cheap.

Yep, I’ve fed beet pulp for years, both plain, and as part of a Sr feed. The majority of horses are just fine with it.

If it was such a big issues, more horses would be colicing on all kinds of feeds with it in it, and companies would figure that out and remove it

Did anyone say it was such a big issue? No. A couple of us who have had problems due to beet pulp’s known issue of causing gas in some horses have mentioned that we would not feed it and I said I especially would not choose to feed it sporadically.

It’s great that most people haven’t noticed problems with it. That doesn’t negate the fact that some horses do have a problem with it and that should maybe be kept in the back of the mind as future (or present) consideration when choosing feed or contemplating causes of gastro issues.

Of course some horses have issues.

It’s just odd you’d bring that up when the OP’s horse has already been eating it, daily, without any issues, and the ONLY change would be a reduction in the number of days it’s being fed.

She’s not adding it to the diet.

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It’s odd why you keep gaslighting those of us who have had issues and would like to give the OP our viewpoint on feeding this feed especially if it’s not going to be fed on a daily basis. Most of us would not do this with grain. Some of us would not do this with highly fermentable feeds either. Guts like to have consistency.

Fwiw, I can think of several horses fed beet pulp over the years who have had gas issues whose owners have not noticed or not looked into potential causes of their horse’s mini-colics (or full-on vet out to tube them comics) thoroughly and just chalked it up to some horses colic, or maybe ate a weed, or not out 24/7, or weather change, etc.

The OP can take our concerns however they like to do so. They can print them on TP and flush them. Same as anyone can do with yours.

good grief, I didn’t do any such thing. In fact I even ALSO said it doesn’t agree with some horses

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Many years ago, we tried beet pulp on our three horses. Two were already pretty old when we got them. We started off with a small amount and built it up slowly, soaked it thoroughly. When we got them to a full serving, all three colicked. That was the end of the beet pulp experiment.

All three horses have since passed on, but at the time, it was very frustrating finding something to keep weight on them that didn’t cause diarrhea or colic. Two were very hard keepers and had no molars left within a year or two of getting them. We finally got there using a mix of Strategy and senior feed, with free choice hay (alfalfa and grass hay mix).