Best remedies for scratches

I hope your horse gets better. Sending jingles!!!

I’ve started her on some nu image, Redmond real salt (extra minerals), vitamin E and Selenium, Spirulina, and I have some herbs for horses “sweet itch” on its way (which has herbs such as kelp, garlic, etc, for itching and boosting the immune system.) I’m considering adding a multivitamin to make sure she’s really getting everything but after some research these supplements seem best for now. These Supplements are hopefully going to help out her immune system, as well as help her not rub her tail raw etc. She’s pretty good at taking her supplements without anything added but I have molasses and apple sauce just incase since I’ve added quite a few and want to make sure she gets them all!

Ive also ordered some tea tree oil cream and tea tree oil wash that have amazing reviews, I’m praying these help. They came in this evening so I’m trying them out tomorrow.

My poor girl is so bored being in her stall, I go for as long as possible every day to walk her, hand graze her and exercise her, but I still feel bad! I try to really work her brain and teach her new tricks since it’s still too wet for her outside. She loves her stall but for the first time ever today she didn’t want to go back inside, so I looked around the barn another time to keep her walking, then she went in without a fuss, she just wasn’t done lol.

She has a vet vet appointment still coming up, as well as a farrier appointment and a massage all within the next couple weeks, so I’m hoping it’ll improve by then, but I’m going to be getting lots of advice!

Ask Bob Baffert. Evidently he can cure scratches overnight.

For Queensland itch (also called Sweet Itch) I use Permoxin. It is cheap and mixes with water. You can mix with something else on the bottle for it to dry quicker if you want.

I brush all over. Up the mane, under the dock, the face, the ears, everywhere and allow to dry before putting on a rug and neck rug. I hate hoods.

If down to blood you start 3 times a day, working your way down to twice a day, once a day and if you are lucky once every 2 days, once every 3 days and once a week. Or if unlucky yout stay with once daily.

We put it on after riding. The side effect is a long mane and tail.

My remedy is Chlorhexidine 2%. I mix 2 ounces per gallon of water. I add shampoo as well. I’ll scrub them down really well then let them soak for at least 5 minutes. I’ll dry them off and put M-T-G on them. For scratches I’ll do the same, soaking the feet in a bucket of the solution. The scabs soften and come off easier. Then I’ll put M-T-G on it as well. It’s worked really well on all of my horses

Wouldn’t it be nice if the cure for scratches was scritches? But I suppose that would just be too easy.