Black Country Jumping Saddles

My TB has a drastic shark fin wither. My BC is a quantum, and I had it reflocked and checked by a saddle fitter after finding it used on Ebay. This is my second quantum (I had to buy a wider one after my horse’s shoulders bulked up over several years of training and development). In addition to it fitting my horse so well, I like the saddle because it is not too wide in the twist, and has enough support without interfering with my position over fences.
I also jump less than 3 ft with my TB although at times my horse likes to overjump and try to send me to the moon :laughing:. I feel secure and balanced in this saddle.

I have a Ricochet that was custom made for a horse that needed wither gussets. I adore this saddle and it has since been adjusted to another horse that didn’t need quite as much lift up front. Yes, it’s bigger and bulkier than the pretty French saddles but I fully expect to be riding in this saddle in another twenty years. It puts me in a great position and I feel very balanced and secure.