Board in Austin TX area (bonus for northwest Austin)

Hi friends! I’m looking for a place to board in the Austin area. I’m currently at a place up in Leander, which is fine, but doesn’t offer the kind of turnout I’m looking for. I was wondering if anyone here could recommend a reasonably priced place (under $500/mo, pasture turnout is fine) that has a round pen on site and grains 2x/day.

I’ve done a LOT of looking, and have posted on the Central TX Boarding page, but everything I’m finding is a lot further than I’d like to drive. In an ideal world, I’d love to know if there’s a privately-owned place that offers board as right now I’m only doing groundwork with my horse. Right now, I’m looking at Spicewood Farms or anywhere that’s under 40 minutes of Four Points area in northwest Austin.

Thank you!

Check out the HJ forum. It’s been covered there a few times, I believe. Good luck!

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