Bone bruising plus ligament rehab at the same time?

Has anyone had experience with bone bruising and ligament rehab at the same time? They are two opposing rehabs! Ugh! I have rehabbed a ligament injury to successful recovery ten months later. I have never rehabbed bone bruising. It sounds as if the two rehabs are very different. Would love to hear from anyone being in the same situation and how they handled it. My geldinging’s recent MRI…Clinically relevant issues…“Osseous fluid “bone bruising” is affecting middle and distal phalanges, and focal mild to moderate ligament desmopathy affecting medial oblique sesamoidean ligament”, same RF.

Why would they necessarily be opposing rehabs? Bone bruises can benefit from little to no work, just light free choice movement. Same with a ligament rehab. While a bone bruise could take more work on softer surface, it’s not a requirement (and of course would not be good for the ligament, not yet).

I’d tailor things to the ligament. Light work on a firmer surface shouldn’t aggravate the bone bruise. If it seems to, consider some hoof boots with padding to help with some concussion.


Thank you for the feedback. I agree on the tailoring things to the ligament. I don’t think free choice movement, other than small paddock off stall, will be an option for this horse. Horse is shod in front with pour in pads to help with concussion for the bone bruising. We will be able to keep an eye on the ligament via ultrasound, and adapt the rehab as per the progression of the ligament. Thanks again for your comments, very helpful.

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