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Boots for Bunions

I was in daily pain before. Now, I have rare pain (like once every 6 months…think it’s because of certain shoes I wear). I have a bunion on my other foot, but orthotics help from it getting worse and there’s no pain, so I’m hoping to avoid surgery.

Yes, I would do it again (most people, I’m assuming, don’t have their bones infected and need a second surgery). Second surgery recovery and everything that went with it was hell (surgery was on bottom of foot). But it was also during a time when my industry (along with others) was shutting down, stressing me out even more and making the experience worse.

Yes, pain would motivate me to have surgery too. I’ve had brief times at night and could not take that for very long.

My sister who also has bunions had the surgery. But she doesn’t have horses and could sit around with her foot up after surgery and have her family wait on her. There is no way I could take care of horses and stalls after surgery. Plus I don’t think my cats would wait on me hand and foot. It was bad enough when I broke my knee and I had to pay barn help who did not do things like I do and were in themselves a lot of work. I am retired now so I don’t have shoes on in the house and my feet are happier. Still need some boots that don’t put me in agony though. Actually the bone spur is worse than the bunions.


Right, that’s my fear. If something happened to me who the heck comes in and does all this work? My ponies are now used to serious pampering.

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