Bumper Pull to Gooseneck

Another vote for Risa. Her post-sales customer service is just as good as her pre-sales help, too. Enjoy your new trailer!

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I didn’t see mention of not forgetting to put the tailgate up or down after hooking up/unhooking.
A friend keeps forgetting and has been thru several tailgates now.
Also, if you have tall sides on the bed, go easy while crossing low spots or ditches if gooseneck has little clearance over the sides.

Overall gooseneck pulling is better and safer to pull and rides better for the horses, at least ranch horses that spend many hours in those every day while checking different pastures seem to prefer those over pull type.

I pull a gooseneck stock/combo with my F150 and having the 4" extension on the ball is AWESOME. I’ve taken out 2 truck windows (not this truck or trailer) and you do have to be very vigilant when turning and backing around corners, but that 4" has made an unbelievable amount of grace! I’d MUCH rather pull a gooseneck than a BP.

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I hope to God that the trailer’s brakes stop the trailer. I have had to deal with a brake failure in a truck, and stopped both the trailer and truck with the trailer brakes. Not fun, but doable if the trailer brakes are good.

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I am starting to feel like a Loser :roll_eyes:
I have had 2 GN (after many years of BP) & did not care for either, nor did I find backing any easier.
I could jackknife those GNs just as easy as my BPs :wink:
Maybe just me?

But my main reason for switching back to BP was the problematic climbing in & out of the truck bed to hitch with my aging knees.
I went back to a 16’ BP stock & could not be happier.

Agree with @goodhors about the slantloads.
& nice to hear a farrier’s $.02 on them.
Never liked them for my bigger - 17h - horses.
Even when hauling 1 with the divider tied back it was a tight fit.


Everytime I have to back my BP I swear at least 37 times and threaten to drive it into the pond (in my defense, our driveway is very hard to back into) Backing up a goose is so much easier and more practical.

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My little 6’ dump trailer is the bane of my existence and I dump it weekly! :laughing:

Agree with everyone else, you’ll love the switch, just watch your radius because those short beds can limit how much maneuverability you have if you get into a tight spot. But I hauled a 16’ GN with a short bed truck for years before I got a long bed truck. I now have a 2500 with a short bed, no truck box, and I’m ever so casually looking for a GN trailer - I love my current 2h BP trailer and might even keep it, but I hate not having enough trailer space to move everyone in one trip if I needed to.