Buying a horse on a “budget”

Thank you for sharing, I have heard of this before I actually believe a horse I had euthanized suffered from this but had not heard the reasoning and the information about horses not being on grass as babies. Very interesting.

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There’s a lot of research ongoing and there are questions out there about the time in utero and the dam’s vitamin E levels also.



Another vote for Canada. I know a good agent there if you’d like me to pm her info.

I’ve imported five in the last year, all in the $30-50k range landed. They’ve all been lovely, but I have a high risk tolerance, a trainer who is confident that we can “fix” any holes, and am not buying my forever horse - I’m buying to resell. If you’re OK with possibly buying something that isn’t a fit and are OK with reselling if so, it’s a good idea.

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I would be okay reselling if I end up with a bad fit, can i ask who you purchased from?

yes please

Another vote here for checking with Jessie Phoenix in Canada or if you’re willing to look at something that young, even go directly to the breeder she works with, Galten Farms. They are wonderful to work with.