Calls for Change After Frangible Device Costs Riders Results

Yes, sometime around late 90s, early 00s, open corners were identified as excessively dangerous and all corners were required to be closed top. Then in the 2010s, open top corners were allowed to be used again, possibly related to the use of frangible pins. I still vastly prefer table top corners, but it seems the FEI is satisfied with the risk level involved, because frangible/MIM. Though I would argue that doesn’t make them RIDE any better.


Ah, that was the hinges that were sometimes getting bent, and heavier hardware introduced in '21. Not the clips. There has been no recall or change in red clips since they were introduced.

OK, me misreading. I think we all agree that frangible and deformable technology is the way forward. My comments about invisible structural damage is based on 22 years of fence judging and an awful lot of horses hitting fences. We tend to change after almost every tap these days.

If you are that interested, have a listen to the FEI Course Builders Zoom-Discussion that is on the FEI eventing safety page. Full of information about how and when to use clips and pins.