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Can it be time already for my dog? update: I'm going to look at another dog!

Hugs to you. I used Lap of Love some years ago. They were awesome.

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So sorry, hugs! Just wanted to post and say that I think you made the right call. Loss of appetite in the vast majority of animals, especially those who are palliative or have comorbidities is significant. Not that it makes things any easier.


You are on my mind today Stryder. :heart:

remember to be kind to yourself.


Absolutely agree! Home euthanasia adds a small bit of comfort at a time of devastating sadness. We will never bring our dogs to a clinic to be PTS again (unless it’s an emergency). I understand the cost is not something everyone can afford, but to us as pet owners, it’s definitely worth it.

I was surprised by a vet tech once quipping that “so much can go wrong” with home euthanasia…give me a break! The vet we use, her service is strictly home euth’s ONLY. I’m sure in her 20 years of doing it that she has seen everything happen, and I’m sure she has the knowledge and drugs on board to make things as smooth as possible for an animal’s passing.

That comment opened my eyes how some people in the vet industry are so jaded, instead of being compassionate at a time of sorrow. No wonder that as clients we sometimes feel that it’s only about the money.

Hugs to OP, she is a wonderful and caring owner!


I am so sorry. {{{{hugs}}}

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I hope her passing was peaceful and I hope the coming days and weeks bring you peace.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Big ((((hugs))))


The universe works in mysterious ways. I may be taking in an 8 yo female!

Crazy. I thought I wanted a Welsh puppy, but didn’t want one until I retired. I started checking in with “nearby” breeders to see if they would likely have a litter late next year. Probably, said one, but he also had a female. She’s retired from breeding and he wanted to rehome her.

She sounds perfect. A friend and I are driving 900 miles roundtrip next weekend to look at her. I can’t imagine that she won’t come home with us. She’s had 3 litters, and sounds well-socialized and trained.

I’m getting ready for a burst of new life in here!


Congratulations! We can’t wait to see pictures!

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so happy for you! Puppies are fun, but she sounds great.

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Thanks. Welsh Terrier puppies are a total PITA! Which makes them so much fun I didn’t think I could take one on until I retired. But an adult that’s been well-handled? Sounds almost too good to be true.


This is terrific!

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Meet Boudica. Within 10 minutes of meeting her, I was asking myself, is there any reason in the world why I wouldn’t want this dog. And the answer was nope. She’s very different, but the sweetest thing ever. She’s game to go where I go. She comes when she’s called (! a miracle) and is quiet. I’ve heard one bark, one time.

We’re working to get her in better shape before late October. I’d like to get her spayed before her next cycle. She’s a little overweight, but slimming down reasonably well. Lots more exercise than she’s had recently.

I’m so blessed to have this dog, and grateful that she came my way. Hard to believe it’s been a month already.


What an adorable little chunky monkey.

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This made me smile.

Thank you for posting.


Never heard of that breed. She looks like a mini Airedale!!

So glad you found one another :heart_eyes:


I love her! Give her (and yourself) an extra hug for me. What a happy update!

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Fun fact: Welsh Terriers were bred up to get the larger Airedale. Farmers used the Welshies to control rats and larger pests. My dear, departed Kelly tangled with a raccoon one night.


We bought my dad an Airedale for fathers day . It was his dream dog and she was absolutely everything to him and such a great dog. I hope your new girl is all that for you.