Choosing a registry... Help for those with exp w/SF, Holsteiner or BWP

In the instance that a quality Tb mare would produce a superb stallion prospect, could the stallion prospect be registered under bwp instead of Holsteiner, (assuming my stallion would be AHHA approved)?? Does bwp accept stallion prospects out of TB dams?

Go with Holsteiner!

[QUOTE=JumperFyre;7023849]Well the SF registry is back up and running again.

I was looking at the bwp website, (which is somewhat outdated), and I guess what rubs me the wrong way is the jumping criteria for young stallions. Sorry I won’t be jumping my very large colt 1-1.10 at age 3!! It takes Warmbloods years and years to fully mature so I was a little disappointed in that. Oh and does anyone know the requirements for the ELITE status?[/QUOTE]

Yes, the BWP website is outdated…like 5 years outdated. Of course when you “push out” your “FREE” Webmaster, and have to pay for webservices then you just update the main page and ignore the rest. Money is spent on sending board members to Belgium every other year rather than taking care of business here. Take a look at the list of Board Members, it was posted in 2010 and has yet to be updated.

Stallions have a difficult time in BWP, as the registry tends to cater toward the “big” names and ignore the other stallions. Look at their keuring results and you will see that. Stallion owners frequently have a VERY hard time getting answers to questions, they even get ignored! This after shelling out $1000+ in fees and X-rays for acceptance.

AHHA is very well thought of and highly acceptable to the other registries.

I also found BWP to be very difficult to communicate with (from a mare owner perspective) and they have a VERY slow turn around time (like more than a year) to get your registration papers.

If your colt is eligible to be REGISTERED with AHHA, that’s where I would register because it will give you the most bang for your buck.

After that, you can have him APPROVED with a number of other registries, which may or may not include AHHA. You should probably be able to present to SF, BWP, sBs (the other Belgian registry in the USA), RPSI, Old-NA, GOV, etc.

Registry and approval are two separate things and I think there is some confusion.

Honestly, I think your focus should be on the approval process, rather than on collecting a herd of mares to breed to said future stallion prospect; the actual approval (NOT registration) is a great deal more involved than just showing up to a registry with a colt of correct parentage. It is in no way automatic, and it requires a significant investment of both time and money.