Cimarron vs Titan Trailers?

Is a new $22k Cimarron 2h worth the price difference compared to a new $15k Titan 2h?

I am looking for a smooth, reasonably quiet ride for my new horse. Loaded great the first two times in my basic CM Dakota, then got progressively more wary, culminating in a spectacular 3 hours to load the last time. My previous 2 horses didn’t like this trailer either, and after riding in that noisy, bouncing tin can myself, I don’t blame them.

Low supply/high demand means there are VERY few trailers available anywhere, new or used. I would need to jump on one of these pre-orders asap.

I understand trailers are very hard to come by right now.

Have you seen both trailers in person? I bet you’d know immediately if the Cimarron is worth the price.

If you can’t find them in person - is there anyway to lessen the noise in your currently trailer until you find what you want? I know this sounds ridiculous, and it’s not pretty, but in a pinch I’ve used “pool noodles” from the dollar store with duct tape to get rid of some rattle. Or some type of rubber (and duct tape) around those crazy noisy latches.

Also if you’re just hauling one horse could you remove a divider or maybe pad it more heavily?

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These trailers are on order, so I can’t see them in person. I’d need to put a deposit down to secure one. Also have the option of Sundowner pre-order, but I know 2 people who had rust issues early on.

I’m on wait lists with 22 trailer shops over a 400 mile radius! I’ve missed out on 2 trailers (one new, one used) this month, because they sold almost immediately after the sales reps notified me and the rest of their wait lists.

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I have a Cimarron 3 horse GN trailer. I’ve had it for three years. It’s a great trailer. I’ve had a Sundowner, a Featherlite and a Circle J trailer before I bought this one.

I don’t have experience with the Titan trailers, so can’t compare. I can only say I’ve loved my Cimarron.

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I’m not a big fan of the Titan trailers. I haven’t been around a Cimarron to compare though.
We used a couple Titan stock trailers for ranch trailers and although they were treated poorly, hauling cattle, horses, rough roads, etc. they didn’t hold up as well as say the WW trailers we used in the same conditions and currently own.
But if you’re not going to be using it hard then I’m sure it’d be fine.

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Wow, this sounds like the current real estate market.

I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to see them first.

The only good thing about this market, if you buy one and don’t like it, you can sell it right away. Probably for what you just paid.

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Not sure where you are located. I have a 2018 loaded Cimarron sh. slant with dressing room and collapsable rear tack. Xtall, extra lights, all carpeted dressing room, and WERM flooring in the horse area. Excellent condition, very light use. For sale in South Florida. Let me know if you are interested

Titans are huge where we are (MT) and we love ours. It’s a work horse and pulls super nice.

We don’t see a lot of Cimarrons here so I can’t really speak to them but we have loved our Titan. That said ours is old as dirt so maybe they aren’t what they used to be. When we got ours Titan was all that the cow and stock people would buy.

I was just going to say everyone around here has a titans unless they have something super fancy (also in MT)

We have a 1996 stock titan and the horses love it. Even my hard to trailer horse.