Concrete center aisle now silippery

The brooming in the concrete in my center aisle has worn down and it is more slippery than I would like (especially when wet). Recommendations? Stall mats? Rubber pavers? It needs to be able to be cleaned with a broom and get hosed down frequently (can’t get rid of the starlings that roost in the rafters). Are the indentations in the pavers difficult to sweep? Do the mats stay in place?

If you can swing it financially, you might really love WERM or polylast flooring (I think there is a third company now but I can’t remember the name). So much better than mats and easy to clean with a hose.

Sealer with a grit can be added applied to existing surface.

Acid-etch will roughen concrete.

Mats will move if you run equipment like tractors or UTVs over them especially if you turn the front wheels on the mats. And they expand and contract with heat and cold, so adjusting them might be needed if expansion causes buckles or contraction causes gaps. Moisture also collects under mats as the concrete cannot breath out ground moisture. And should a horse pee in the aisle, sometimes taking mats up to allow drying is needed for odor control. Pests also live in the grooves under the mats.

Pavers look awesome but you’ll have ledges that can cause stumbling or falls at stall doors and tack room doors if you simply lay them on top of the existing concrete.

I have 3/4 inch rubber 4x6 mats over concrete. Kneeling on the ridges on the mats to do things like applying hoof conditioner can be painful. I’d pick a flatter pebbly mat surface next time.

Is there an epoxy you can paint on the concrete…similar to what is applied to garage floors…maybe something with a non skid additive…sand??

Do a Google Search “barn floor concrete grooving”. My thrifty SIL had portions of her cow barn done in a diamond pattern, and has been pleased with results.

We are facing the same issue. Many years of aisle use has worn off the coarse booming edges, so we need to get “more grip” under the horses. We are looking at cutting grooves in the cement rather than doing any matting. We see the same issues mentioned, tripping, mats moving, keeping things clean, with daily horse and tractor use of the aisle. Way too much work to move or clean under mats.

Not sure about a diamond pattern, i think that may be too open with our winter weather (ice, cnow, snow hoof prints), driving the horses on it. It probably will be more of a series of crossways lines.

I bought 3/4" 4x6 “seconds” mats and they do not move. That’s one idea and it didn’t cost much for 60 feet of aisle. My horses do not slip either.

one could use a portable concrete grinder to ruff the surface, I see some of the big box stores will rent these