Crazy Ideas People Have for Treating Covid19

I’m near Birmingham, AL, so I don’t know if this is just around here, statewide or wider, but at my local feed store today, I heard a crazy story. They have pulled all the Ivermectin for horses and cattle off the shelves as has Tractor Supply. People are buying this stuff and drinking it or using the paste to prevent or treat Covid 19! That will kill you! Has anyone else heard this? OMG! I hope this is not something people are doing on a broad spectrum!

Ivermectin is prescribed to humans for parasite infections.

Last week Australian researchers announced they had found that Ivermectin worked in vitro (in a lab) to kill Corona virus. They have not proceded to the next step, which is in vivo (in actual people). It is just one of dozens of research directions being pursued by medical researchers around the globe.

They don’t even know if it works if you take it.

People are foolish.


Hello fellow Alabamian!
I haven’t seen anyone around me doing crazy stuff but unfortunately I have seen many social media “friends” sharing mis/disinformation.

I work in a tack shop and we had a customer who purchased Ivermectin once a month for himself. He had some kind of parasite and was taking it with advice from his doctor.
So…yes…it can be used to treat certain parasites…

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apparently ivermectin in some form has been used as a treatment for intestinal infections, scabies, lice ad river blindness in humans in tablet form since the 1980s. I can see why some stores would pull it off the shelve since that couple ingested that aquarium cleaner. SMH.

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My equine clinic put a message out on social media warning people not to use it for human use…so yes, it does appear people are trying it. Which is odd because unless you know you’re positive, I’m not sure what it would do. I guess there could be people who know they have the virus but are being treated at home? Or possibly people just buying it in case they get sick?

People are weird. I mean, of course the drug itself can be used for human use, but clearly it is ill-advised to buy it compounded for equine use and try to dose yourself.


One acquaintance is selling Essential Oils for treatment and prevention. She has a specific list of what one should use at what stage. She explains that she uses EO before each excursion out of her home, and as a result, does not need to wear a mask or gloves.

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There are enough people out there with no knowledge of the scientific process that it can be quite dangerous when bits and pieces of (often poorly reported) research findings make it to them.

We can do many things in vitro (which means in cell culture) that we cannot do in vivo (in a living organism). This is precisely why drugs that are going through the FDA approval process have to show safety and efficacy in cell culture, in a small animal model (usually mice), and in a large animal model (pigs, sheep, dogs, etc.) before it can be moved into humans. The large animal requirement is relatively new; mice are useful for a lot of studies, but they are not great representations of humans. We can cure some cancers in mice, but that hasn’t translated to in humans yet.

It’s the same thing we’re seeing with the support of hydroxychloroquine by people who don’t have any science background or medical knowledge. When you actually look at the data, there really isn’t much to support its use for this purpose so far. That could change, there are plenty of clinical trials going on right now looking at it, but the evidence just isn’t there right now. This particular drug has some severe adverse effects and patients on it need to be monitored carefully.

I fear that, in the grips of panic, people are going to try self-treatment and injure or kill themselves in the process, as the aquarium cleaner drinkers did.


I spoke with a Lyft driver who wasn’t concerned about catching it because she always made sure to wear silver. I guess you can’t catch it if you wear silver!!?:confused:


The metal or a sparkly top?



I saw that! I bought my spring dewomer a few weeks ago when I was ordering gastrogard (fuck meeeee) but have a friend trying to buy hers now. It sounds like a PITA. She even tried ordering online and these places keep cancelling the order. Silver lining to treating ulcers?

One of my neighbors dutifully delivered a made at home flyer with what everyone should be doing to prevent and treat the virus if you suspect you have been exposed. The big one was gargling with warm salt water or vinegar and water. That will eradicate the virus before it gets to your lungs:uhoh::sigh:.

Good thing they don’t know I possess 4 tubes ivermectin. Absolutely crazy what is out there and what people will believe (brings to mind the quote from the Pres…”what do you have to lose?”):grief:.



She needs to be careful. In some jurisdictions selling false Covid 19 cures is now a criminal offence.


I’m glad I bought my dewormer for the spring before that story came out. I saw several horse people joking about how we’d all be cured, but no one I know is actually going to try taking it before more research is done. And I think there is a pill form for humans which would seem more safe, once the dosing is figured out (if at all). I think there’s a lot of things that ivermectin can kill in the lab, and then it fails in the mice studies and never makes it to human studies. Considering how people seem very willing to poison themselves (e.g. tank cleaner) over this virus, I think it’s smart for TSC to limit purchases.


I’m still in awe of those who genuinely believe that gathering in a church is safe because “God won’t let us catch it”

I genuinely envy that level of faith, while at the same time wanting to scream at the naivety of it.


KBC, I’m with you on this. I too envy people who have this much faith, it must give them some comfort in a trying time. It’s not gonna save them, by any means, but to be so secure in your belief would be a ‘blessing’.


But do you want to be in the same grocery store, doctor’s office or hospital with these people? They are inflicting their “faith” on the rest of us.



The metal! She had big silver earrings, several necklaces, and rings on every finger.

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Absolutely not! They are scary.
But envy their faith.

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Exactly, you can envy their faith, empathize with those who are suffering mentally because their church, mosque, chapel, synagogue, or other ‘congregation’ of choice, has closed its doors, and they lose the fellowship of communal worship.

At the same time, you can want everyone to stay the heck away from others!