Daqbloom vs tri-aminos?

looking to get a supplement for little weight and topline help! i loved daqbloom, but have also heard great things about uckele tri-aminos. which do you prefer?

Dac Bloom :slight_smile:

Apples and oranges comparison to Tri-Amino.

Dac is "Ground Extruded Whole Soybeans, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Ground Flax, Zinc Sulfate, Zinc Methionine Complex, Biotin, DL Methionine, Natural and Artificial Flavor and Mixed Tocopherols (preservative). "

There are .410gm lysine, and .255gm methionine. So basically nothing. The only vitamin or mineral of any use in this is the 20mg biotin. It’s basically a fat supplement with biotin. The added minerals are just a waste.

Based on the protein, fat, and fiber content, the calories are roughly 126 per 1oz serving. Not huge. The “max” 3oz would be still less than 400 calories.

You could feed 1c of flax and get 500 calories.

Tri-Amino is 10gm lysine, 5gm methionine, 2gm threonine. No calories.

The real questions are:

1 - what is the rest of the diet
2 - what kind of work is the horse in
3 - how old is he?

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I just came from the weight gain thread that you created yesterday. Have you addressed the forage situation yet, or have you decided to just go with a new supplement hunt?

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I’d figure out forage and actual weight of grain fed first. Tri amino is awesome but if you’re feeding at the recommended weight for a complete feed it may be redundant. Dac can put on a bloom but if you’re horse is significantly underweight, a scoop of at supplement isn’t going to offset needing more forage.

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