Deer Season-What Do You Do to Protect Your Horses?

Years ago a hunter shot a jersey cow and took it in to be processed as a deer. It is a shame that there are people out there who jeopardize everyone’s safety and their animals as well. I would be afraid to hunt (if I were a hunter) with people out there like that.

You have to be a real idiot to think a cow is a deer.

I hate trigger happy hunters. If you don’t have the time or patience to wait for the right deer, you shouldn’t be out there. It’s the stupid people who are so rushed to bag one that they shoot anything that moves and isn’t painted neon Orange that makes the woods dangerous for others.


Did the butcher have to explain that it wasn’t a deer? Seems like that would be hard to miss. Especially when you’re dragging it from the field. 150lbs versus…500lbs+ ?


Yeah I didn’t understand how you could confuse the two. I believe the hunter was fined and had to pay the owner for the value of the cow.

It’s a conspiracy.


And yet, based on my experiences in retail management, there’s no doubt in my mind they’re out there in droves. Especially with a small Jersey cow. Doubly so if they’re from a part of the US inhabited by mule deer. At the rate folks here mistake large tabby cats for mountain lions :joy::joy:

Or they shot the cow, realized their mistake, & decided to roll with it in the interest of covering their tracks + unexpected beef.


Exactly. Most people who shoot livestock are shooting at movement and really have no idea what they are shooting at. It’s a terribly dangerous thing to do but many unskilled hunters do not properly identify their target.


Having actually been shot at when riding my 15.3 hand chestnut colored horse during deer season, my go to has been to assume that most hunters are idiots. The result is no trail riding during hunting season-horses confined close to the barn. That doesn’t always work since my vet told me about treating a horse who had been shot while IN the barn. Right through the barn wall!

Now, I know all hunters aren’t idiot. But I figured better safe than sorry.


We have had cars hit on the road in our area during hunting season. Apparently the hunters thought the bullets would magically stop before the road.

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