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Does a Mesh head manure fork exist?

never used these but these may work, it is called a " Mud/Sifting Square Shovel, 29 In. Handle"

or this it is a " Black Sifting Scoop Shovel, 42 Inch"


I think another poster said they are super heavy.

The squarer head one about is super heavy. The second one, with more of a bowl for holding product is lighter.

For me, neither worked to sift mini-shavings as the shaving were too light and didn’t fall through the holes. They worked great if the sifting was on sand, but not mini-flakes.

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My boarding barn had a mesh one and a fine tine one They were both HEAVY, quadrupled stall cleaning in addition to giving you an excellent upper body workout at you shook the fork for 5 minutes, and were horrible to use.