Dog won’t leave crate

I’m a bit perplexed on what to do here
Brought home a foster dog yesterday, he’s been terrified which is understandable because he came from an abusive situation.
He’s eating and drinking (if I don’t look at him)
But since 3pm yesterday he will not leave the crate which he ran to right when I got home. Surely he has to potty by now.
I don’t want to drag him out. I’ve tried treats, he won’t take them while I’m around (I notice they’ve been eaten later)
A little help?

I would put a leash on him and gently pull him a little and see if he will come - praise praise and take out. Then let him go back but leave the leash on.

I would be very careful putting the leash on if you have to reach into the crate. Is he wearing a collar?

If you can’t get him to come out, I might give it just a little longer, and see if he seems to be looking for a place to go potty.

He had a harness on and let me put the leash on no problems but when I tried to gently pull he started biting at the leash (not aggressively). This a new problem for me, I’m used to dogs not wanting to be in the crate

Can you move the crate to a next to a door and leave the door open so he can go outside on his own?

Well I finally had some success after 30 minutes. I moved the crate sideways and opened both doors (front and side) he slowly came out of the side door, after another 10 minutes or so he went down the stairs and outside!
Cutest thing would be when I brought him back in I saw the first little tail wag and he sniffed me


Yay!! Progress! :slight_smile: He’ll get there. Go at his pace.