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Dressage at Devon general admission is $50 on Thursday!

I was at Dressage at Devon last night. I have competed in the breed show over the years, and always come back for Saturday night. Years ago, there were at least 20 horses in the Freestyle. The ring was standing room only. Now, ten horses in the Kur, and the stands aren’t even filled. There was no entertainment at the break. The committee stand was hopping with the powers that be celebrating themselves. But, it looks like its dying, a bit at a time. That is truly sad. I am not even sure who the beneficiary is any more. It was Thorncorft for a very long time, and they provided volunteers who ran the food booths and anything else that was needed. They also had the Mainstreamers provide entertainment. Then, DAD allegedly screwed Thorncorft, and Thorncroft put out a letter severing that relationship.

It was a very big deal to win at DAD. I treasure my ribbons from years ago. I hope that the show finds a way to grow and stop the loss of attendance on Saturday nights- let alone any other night.