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Small Arena (20 m x 40 m)


Standard Arena (20 m x 60 m)


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Can people please post the names of the threads linked in here, please? I am reading this off of my kindle and for some reason the links wont work on here. If i had the names, i could just search it.

Most of the links don’t work…

Membership Checklist for Recognized Shows/Awards/Regionals

Here is the USDF checklist for the memberships needed for horse/rider/owner for the various categories of showing: http://www.usdf.org/competitions/competitors/membership-checklist.asp

Note:if you are on a mobile platform, the link may just take you to the USDF mobile homepage. If so, then go to the full website and search for membership checklist.

Practice Diagrams

Easy link utility to 2015 tests and some movement diagrams:


new free practice diagram ‘booklet’ ( for small screens such as phones and tablets ) available here :


I must confess I know nothing of dressage and training for dressage. I do know what it looks like and have a beautiful creamella that is doing the dance on her own. She pulls back her head lifts her tail and does the dance to get my attention I have no idea how to get the moves on command and am not sure if I should even pursue this line of training any advise would be appreciated

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You need to move this post to the discussion forums - start your own thread. This is just a little sticky note on where to find the info. (and absolutely you should pursue this line of training!)

New to this amazing place someone welcome me.