Dressage saddle for a banana horse

I used to ride a TB with I believe a somewhat similar shape. We rode in an older prestige… I think in a MW that we then used a shim pad, shimmed at the withers, to fit him in the front. I.e., he needed the width in the back, but not in the front. I believe that used to be a fairly standard approach for TBs. Not sure if it is any longer. Also, that saddle always put me in a chair seat.

For all the people recommending Black Country, believe them! That’s what I have now, although not for a TB. Wonderful saddles and lots of options.

Also, you thought Custom might not work. They do have a curvy tree in the Icon Star. I test rode a horse in one who had a very steep drop right behind the withers and it fit well. Personally, I hated the saddle because the rise in front was super steep, but you might like it. It seemed like everyone else liked that saddle except me.

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You have many excellent recommendations here so I won’t throw out any more; however, I would like to add that my curvy horse prefers slight bridging of the saddle. Reason being (I believe) is that it gives him room to lift his back when he goes to work. Just a thought.


It was laughable. I mean… she didn’t go this way before this damn “custom saddle” so what gives? I ordered a full custom from another company after that and the mare was AWESOME in it. So it wasn’t buyer remorse, as the first saddle fitter implied.

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have you tried a county fusion? I have one like this - goes in a fusion.

My two less withered boys go in a connection (which I don’t like that much because of a wider twist)…