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Dutch harness horse drama. Update: drama has resumed Dec 27 see post 122



And in response to my “please don’t contact me again” message:

Anyone who has paid attention to my 20+ years of COTH participation will find that I generally steer clear of personal drama. But this kind of treatment from someone I’ve never met? Yeah, it’s going to get shared.


She’s also sharing screenshots of this thread on Facebook. Again, just FYI.


I think the separate registries have very different horses both useful for different things and with different goals.


KWPN certainly does have a Dutch Harness horse registry https://kwpn-na.org/breeding/breeding-goals/ They are a different type from the sporthorse, and I don’t know that all of the Amish breeding them are registering them this way, but having KWPN on their papers doesn’t necessarily make them a sporthorse type.

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Exactly. I’m not sure what Number One Jumper Foal could possibly mean. With jumpers, like race horses, you don’t know what you’ve got in a foal. She doesn’t seem to be producing brag worthy FEI horses. The horses I saw linked here were definitely harness build.

Anyhow, her self presentation is getting worse and worse.

Edited to add: she has locked down her FB feed. Too bad. I should have kept quiet and just enjoyed the craycray.


They do evaluate based on 4 categories - dressage, harness, gelders and hunter/jumper. Foal probably had the high score in the h/j, perhaps.


This is what it was. Foal was reserve champion jumper foal on the inspection tour.


Oh, does she take her foals to WB evaluation events? If so, even if you were high scoring in one breed you aren’t necessarily number one against all the other breeds.

Yes, her foals were inspected this year on the KWPN keuring tour. One of the foals (by a jumper stallion out of a TP mare) was reserve champion overall (champion was in Canada so her foal was technically #1 in the states.)


OK good to know.

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Is this lady a lawyer? She states that she is.

I haven’t looked (but someone else answered, I didn’t verify the response).

Sometimes people will post “I was high score Champion”. But they are taking about THAT day of the tour. Or “I have the champion high score filly”, and they did - in their section - H/J filly foal for example.

I have zero dog in this, but I see a lot of well respected HJ breeders VaguePost :wink: their results. And they aren’t wrong, just don’t tell the whole story type of thing. Maybe they assume people know how these are run, maybe they don’t care.

I tend to think of it like when HB people are posting their horse was BYH at a show with 5 horses.

Again- I am not commenting on the person the tread is about one way or the other.

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I would find this highly unlikely. She braids manes at breed shows for an income stream.


Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 10.51.19 am

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I’ve seen her say that she graduated law school but can’t pass any state bar due to identify theft.


Interesting. I was reading a history book the other night; its author thought a camel was a leopard. Hmmm.

I met a DHH once. Lovely animal. He would not have been my first pick for a saddle horse in dressage or any other discipline. But if he’d had 3 matching stablemates I’d have been tempted to go price some carriages online.


They are pretty incredible, very, very fancy harness horses. Feronia’s farrier owns Macho vh Fledderbosch, a well-regarded young DHH stallion, who he keeps in the Netherlands.


youtube video of Macho being driven


Macho is actually the highest scoring harness stallion of all time :two_hearts:


I remember her from years ago when I lived in AZ, she braided my horse for a show and maybe did body clipping I can’t remember. She has 2 court cases as a plaintiff on record in Maricopa County, AZ. One is against another trainer and the other appears to be against her father and stepmother…. I don’t know any of the details. I think she graduated from law school but isn’t listed on the AZ Bar Assoc. website.