Dutch harness horse drama. Update: drama has resumed Dec 27 see post 122

It’s funny if you read it as “pitbull”, as I first did…

I have an Appy/Lipizzan cross. If you took away the spots, her outline is pure Lipizzan.

A friend has a Friesian/ Quarter pony cross. Again, he is a teeny tiny Friesian (and a very, very lovely horse). Not one scrap of QP came through, except for the size.

I just bred my Lip x back to a PRE. Will be interesting to see what dominates.

Where can I get one of these?


You could also investigate Knabstruppers, a Danish breed with Appaloosa coloration and a baroque conformation.

Here’s one of the Knabstrupper stallions in the US


I read it as Pibble, aka the cutesy name for pit bulls!

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Yes! Me too!!

She’s a one of a kind “oopsie daisy”


First name starts with a K?

Yes. Scribbler shared the name above as well.

I’ve met a few Knabstruppers and really liked them, I’ve seen a few for sale, too, but not in my budget.


Oh glad you clarified, I was over here trying to figure out what pumpkin spice lattes had to do with horse breeding…


Every time I see PSL too, I think YUM a pumpkin spice latte does sound good!


Dang, now I really want a pumpkin spice latte :drooling_face:

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Maybe it’s time to breed those long low stifles to some halter QH and play the averages :joy::joy::joy:




Wasn’t she in Western Oregon for a while?

I thought I saw her advertising some jumping young stock there that was called Dutch WB but looked heckin’ like the DHH horses… such that a savvy buyer had to ask which registry the horse was in and then she’d “confess” that these were the harness horses you thought they were. That left a bad taste in my mouth: Don’t expect a horse trading deal to be consummated if you start out lying or not lying by way of a technicality that would fool the buyer too ignorant to know the difference and why it matters.


Just want to jump in with… that’s not a halter bred QH. That is the really nice western pleasure mare “Rumors Only” who simply happens to be being shown in a performance halter class in this picture… (which she went on to win)


I missed the topic you’re referring to, but I knew who you were talking about before you named her.

We had a Facebook scuffle a few weeks ago when the judges for Arabian SHN next year were announced. She made a big deal on a friend’s page about how the judges must not be very good because she didn’t recognize most of their names. I made a polite comment explaining who one of them (a hunter trainer/judge) was. She completely LOST her marbles on me, claiming that this person CAN’T be very active in the industry because she (Kate) braids at EVERY SINGLE MAJOR SHOW IN THE COUNTRY and would know the trainer/judge if so. I asked how it was possible for any human to be at multiple shows all over the country at the same time, and she came apart even more dramatically from there, telling me that I was “embarrassing” myself and obviously had no idea who I was “attacking”, etc. It was really something else. :roll_eyes:

I’ve never met her in person, but if she behaves in real life the way she does online…wow.


This sounds about on par for her. My barn used her as a braider twice when she was trying to get into the California market. She claimed there was a “braider mafia” out to get her. Needless to say, we were not impressed and never used her again. I don’t think she braids much in California anymore.

I do find it ironic that she constantly posts how kind and giving she is on FB, but consistently makes the most vitriolic posts on anyone and anything….


I see she has a FB post today saying she’s only classified as “drama” because she speaks out about things other people keep quiet about. Makes me think she is quietly reading COTH.

As far as the horses. More than one poster over time has said she’s misrepresented DHH as sport bred DWB. But more than that, it’s never a good idea to do business with someone that generates this much drama. Vet the seller/ breeder as much as the actual horse.


She was also raffling off “chances” to buy her foals this past winter. Which says to me that selling wasn’t going so well…

I hate to be catty, but…