Equi-Trek vs Bockmann - experiences and opinions?

I would be looking to get the model without the living area–the trail trekka

Maybe ask the dealer? I don’t have that model. Sorry.

Hi @Xanthoria I found this older thread while researching the Night Treka. I too am located in CA. And I have been in contact with L&D Trailers in Portland. I am assuming you went through them to purchase your Equitrek? I know this is going to come off kinda creepy and I apologize in advance. But are you frequenting the CA show circuit this year? And would you be willing to let a stranger (me) gawk at your trailer? I completely understand if you don’t respond or say no. But if you decide it would be ok, I can provide excellent references. I was the barn manager for an FEI show jumping barn. I am hesitant to purchase something that I haven’t seen. And I don’t want to travel to OR just to look at a few trailers if I can help it.

Thank you in advance.

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@SterlingReverie sure you can look at it! Pretty much every time I go somewhere someone wants to climb inside and have a peek, so I’m used to it :joy:

Yes, got mine from L&D. I’m an eventer so I’m at the usual eventing venues (Woodside, Twin Rivers, maybe Fresno and Shepherd Ranch this year) for shows. I live near SF too so just message me and we can set something up :slight_smile:

@Xanthoria I cannot for the life of me figure out how to send a pm on Chronofhorse. Can we connect on FB or by email?

I’d love to check out your trailer at a show in the near future. I live in East Garrison (a small suburb city in Monterey County CA), it’s about 2 hours south of SF.

Thank you again :blush:

Just sent you a PM. Let me know if that works!

I’d love to gawk, too, but I’m in SoCal (Los Angeles). Can you pm me if you ever travel down here? Thanks!

hehe! Might be best to call L&D Trailers as they do have trailers delivered thru Port Hueneme and might let you have a look at one fresh off the boat, and may also have customers near you down there? I might possibly head to Galway Downs this year but not extremely likely.

Oh, that’s a great idea. Thanks!

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