Equipe saddles--yay or nay?

Pretty much the title–would love to hear experiences with Equipe, both with the company/reps and saddles themselves. Thanks!

Love mine! I purchased a demo Synergy from Jill at Malvern Saddlery. She came out and did a fitting. Her attention to detail cannot be beat. It fits both my horse and me perfectly. Has a great close contact feel and is perfectly balanced. I have had it a few years now and still love it!

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I ended up with Amerigo which is made at the same factory as Equipe. Fitter I used work s with both (as well as black country and some others). Fantastic experience working with her. Really liked both saddles; very similar feel to CWD comfort but more options for the horse. Ultimately I went with amerigo so we could continue to tweak it over time for my guy (wool flocked instead of foam like the equipe).

I have a few! Jumping and dressage saddles. Leather quality is very good, and there are more tree sizes than you find with many other companies. I’ve had two very challenging fit/princess and the pea horses who found the right match with Equipe.

There are not a lot of reps in the US, and the reps have to buy their own demos, so it can be a challenge to find demos in a certain model or size. I wish the company would change that because they have so many saddles, it would be great if the reps could readily have access to all the models.

I have sat in a bunch of Equipes trying horses in Europe also, and I liked the balance and feel.

My horses didn’t care for Amerigo, and I find them less comfortable, but they are made in the same factory and the quality of make and materials is good for Amerigo as well.

I really liked my Grand Prix! It was a bit adjustable - I had the tree widened as my horse filled out. Looked almost brand new after 2 years of use when I sold it.

Their line with wood spring trees are adjustable like other trees of that type. The composite or carbon trees would need to be replaced to change size.

Love love love my Equipes!!

I love my Equipe Grand Prix! I bought it used in demo condition, and have had it for 6 years now and I still get compliments on how beautiful it is. Excellent leather quality, and keeps my leg and seat secure.

I recently bought a young horse who’s back is still changing so I’m considering getting him a custom Equipe once he’s done growing. Wondering if anyone here has used the fitter listed on their website for California (Leslie Tripp / Tripp Equine Services)?