Equitation/Medal Finals.. Let's Talk Numbers

Renn - Usually one per kid, if it’s feasible.

The cost of years of top quality coaching, access to suitable horses and showing frequently enough to gain the experience and reputation to be competitive on the National level makes the cost of Finals, even with shipping and travel, a small slice of the total cost.

Competing on the National level of just about any individual sport is not easy or cheap, adding the horses in just complicates that fact.

I recall telling many parents “If you have to ask…”
When my students (adult or kid) has a goal, they usually figure out a way to get there. Often going cross-country is simply out of control for my riders. They then plan on a local equitation final, like a state one. We have some lucky customers with a “breed horse” which allows them to go to AQHA Congress or Paint Worlds. All of our breed customers have done really well at those shows. Incredible prizes, and the cost is reasonable - maybe 2-3K for a long weekend?
We had grandparents chip in for one of our medal riders. She went to Harrisburg and cried a lot. Very sweet kid. Rode like a champ, and got called back. History! Her grandpa told me he sold a family heirloom. I cried too.

My big eq kids always have a spare horse at a national finals. Braided and warmed up to the last minute. The parents have always understood this rule - I learned from my own BNT to always be prepared. This adds enormously to costs, especially as we usually fly our horses. My stock answer is $20-25K per horse for the equitation finals. Some of our kids stay East for a month, that adds to the cost, while others fly home. Depends on their school.[/QUOTE]

is this just for one show or the big 3-4 on the circuit from Capitol Ch. to Maclay