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Eventing barns around Philly

Yes Unionville is the eventer haven (and it’s where I am at a H/J barn). However no way in heck you’re making it to upenn in under an hour… I commute to Unionville from Bala Cynwyd (work), and live closer to the barn, and my commute is an hour to 1.5 hours depending on the day (Wednesday being the worst travel day by far both going and coming).

and you could live closer to one and commute to the other but ugh it just sucks. I agree with the doing the NJ thing, Philly to Unionville is just a beast.

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Yeah since the pandemic Wednesdays are hell on earth!

I agree with everything @vxf111 has said! She’s been in the area long enough to know all about it and has battled the commutes! Unionville is Eventer heaven but there’s literally nothing that would could tempt me enough to do the commute.

When I was a student at Penn living in the city, I rode up in Churchville/Bucks County. It was a good fit at the time, but there was no on site trainer or covered arena. At off hours, I could make the commute in 30 minutes easy.

I lived in NE Philly as well as Mt. Airy. I ended up riding in Stockton, NJ. Nice drive and I found a great eventing trainer.

If you find a place you like like Cairn O’Mount, you might consider finding a flat in an area like Frazer and taking the R5 into the city. That way you’re out near your horse/trainer and out of the city on the weekends. There’s a lot out there, too, in Malvern area that didn’t used to be there: Wegman’s, restaurants, a cracking Indian grocery, etc.

I did that for a year and it was fine. I studied a lot on the train and UPenn has the LUCY buses right at 30th St station. If you’re at HUP or CHOP it’s also a very quick/easy/safe walk cutting across Drexel’s campus to the hospital/research complexes there at the bottom of campus. I you’re up at VHUP, take the LUCY.


I somehow never realized you were local to me or were local to me at some point. I always felt like you were much further away. Not sure why. I am Pottstown but in the Chester County part not the borough. Smallish world.

Many years ago we did a Philly area CotH meet up, maybe we should try it again. Or even just those of us crazy enough to combine living in the city with riding.


Me? I’m in Asia for the last decade and a half but spent time in Philly/Philly area in my youth. And I visit regularly. I’d be happy to meet up.

That was fun!! Let’s do it again!

I’m also in Philly and would be up for a meet-up!

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I would be game for a meet up

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That was fun. It was like a DECADE AGO… which is crazy?!?!

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We should meet at one of the Hunting pubs in Chester. 3 dogs, The Whip (they now have valet service so parking is actually doable) etc.

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In Chester County, we have the 4 dogs, along with the Whip, which are both awesome.

Chester is a city with the highest crime rate around, and it is not in Chester County, thank goodness

The meet up was great fun. We need to reach out to Wendy, and see if she could attend.


I live there about 2 miles from one of them and my barn is 2 miles from there other. Just didn’t proof read well

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Ludwig’s Grill near the showgrounds.

Are the showgrounds still there? Does the show still run?

The show grounds are still there and much improved from years gone by. Ludwig’s is ok, but the 4 dogs is much better, IMHO.

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I love Four Dogs and the Whip but they’re probably far for anyone coming from other sides of the city, not sure if that would be an issue.

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Does the show still run?

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