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Experiences with brain tumors in dogs?

So very sorry OP for your loss, animals seem to touch us in such profound ways, or they leave us with such lessons, we are saddened and it hurts. Your little Chi sounds so wonderful, I am in the camp that they aren’t all yappy ankle biters and are great companions.

@SquishTheBunny–I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I’m sure it’s very hard to have seen other dogs go through this and then to have your own have the same condition. If she had shown some response to the steroid, even some appetite, we might have considered a few more days or hospitalizing her to stabilize her but she seemed to be suffering so much they said there wasn’t much more that they could do.

@PassagePony–they really are! I definitely believe that just like people there are dogs who are naturally altruistic and she was one of them.