Eye ulcers - how to know if it’s healing?

And it’s back :sob: cleared up a week or so before Easter, yesterday afternoon was fine and then this morning it’s all weepy and squinty again. Last round totalled some $1400 in vet bills.

Crap! Is there an ophthalmologist you can see since this has become recurring?

Timely thread resurrection as I am waiting for a vet for an eye ulcer right now. Saturday morning of course and my regular vet is unavailable. Couldn’t happen on a weekday…

Might have been a false alarm…called the vet out, they stained and no sign of an active ulcer. Working theory is either she whacked it (or the 5yo whacked her…) or given the horrendous weather conditions here atm, she got some muck in there and irritated it.

Treated with bute and some left over ointment just in case, and it’s looking much better so fingers crossed it really was just a coincidental irritation. Vet did mention the possibility of a recurring uveitis given her age, and said if it happens again we’ll need to look into that so I’m really hoping it’s not!


Oh good, glad she is doing better! Mine is too, now that he has some meds and isn’t rubbing it like crazy anymore.

Oh good! The one a couple months ago was believe it or not, my first experience with an eye ulcer in 13 years of horse ownership…and boy was it a pain, and stressful while waiting for it to heal!

Of course, now the other horse has decided to bang a leg up…not enjoying having horses much at the moment!

I feel this so much right now! I’ve had three vet visits in the last two weeks (incl one weekend emergency for the eye) plus the dentist is coming on Tues because I’m concerned my 26-year-old’s sinus infection might have been caused by a diseased root. Sigh.