Feeding severe asthmatic

Go to a hardware store, get a wallpaper steamer and a big Rubbermaid bin / trashcan or a food grade barrel. Cut a hole in the bottom on the bin to attach the hose from the steamer. Super easy, I built one a few years ago and I am not handy at all. The guys at the hardware store helped me get all the connectors and everything once I explained what I was making.

Not as good as the 2k ones but it worked great for me for me when my pony was having allergy issues.

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I made a hay steamer for my gelding when he was having allergy problems. Used a wallpaper steamer, a stanley trunk (super sturdy), and my husband made a bracket (kind of looked like a manifold) out of copper piping to put each individual flake in slots so that they were well steamed prior to feeding. Worked really well.

Also started the horse on Spirulina and Omega Alpha Respi-Free. Not saying those will work for an asthmatic horse but might be worth looking into.