For the love of Modified!

EV105 is the rule about “Loss of Qualifications”

Maybe for you, but in Canada its the modified division for us

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Just EC mixing it up for fun for us :joy:

Do they have this level in the UK I wonder?

Yes, that’s what I said - Training-sized fences (ex. 3’3") in Prelim-style technicality, or Prelim-sized fences (ex. 3’5" ish) as standalone fences.

I didn’t mean questions that were on the Training or Prelim would also be flagged for Modified as well, I meant surplus fences that (based on their dimensions) could have been included in those courses would be arranged into a Modified course using that approximate guidance.


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You are missing my point.
The “surplus fences that could have been included” in Training, that are a full 3’3", are almost certainly “straightforward”.
The “surplus fences that could have been included” in Prelim, that are 3’5" or under are almost certainly “technical”.
This results in a very bad course.

I think we might be misunderstanding each other. For example, I am thinking of a surplus Training-sized coop (that might have been originally designed as a standalone Training fence) could now be placed as the A element of a combination at the top of a hill on the Modified course. A large Prelim-sized brush that might have originally been part of a turning question on a Prelim could be a standalone fence for Modified, etc etc. I have seen venues do this and the Modified course that resulted was absolutely appropriate and to the level.

This requires additional course design because the Modified is a different track to the Training and Prelim, but allows venues to re-use fences they already have built (if available) in a new way appropriate to the level.

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I’m really enjoying the XC Courses FB group. People post the photos of their XC course.

I am seeing a lot of Modified courses that have a mixture of exactly what Marigold is describing. The comments on the posts are overwhelmingly positive.


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