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Geese: did I make a mistake? Maybe not

Lol, I dare you to try this! I want to hear the story of how it turns out…if they let you live! :rofl:



That’s about the size of it!

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If you get past the next few weeks I’ll tell you how to play Duck, Duck, Goose with them!

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Have you ever had ducklings? Or gosling? They never shut up, their little tiny peeps are even going while they’re sleeping. Not much changes as adults :rofl:

I LOVE ducks and geese. They’re great fun. Only downside is how messy they are, to me!


Have had both ducks and geese in the past, but mumble mumble years ago so my brain is foggy. Gawd, the drakes. I hated them. We ate them first. These geese are not for dinner, unless the buffs convince me.


Yeah I raised ducks. Never again. The drakes, my sweet jesus what horrible little shits. Geese though, I still love geese. Even if I bear a few scars …


Updated title. It’s been a week of side-by-side living and all the grass in the small enclosure has been nibbled down.

So today, I let them in together. There was a brief skirmish for dominance, but I think the (quieter) Tolouse won. After the skirmish, I encouraged both sets out of their pens to a new patch of grass (which the Tolouse just gobbled!) but I also noticed that the Tolouse quietly moved the Buff too and fro, and eventually back to their normal pens.

So it seems to me that the Tolouse are presenting themselves as the mature pair, and the Buff are accepting their guidance.

I am briefly encouraged.


That is hopefull news !

Pictures of everyone together would be great in a few days if you can capture them all together.

I still have them separated in two pens most of the day, and they each have a separate goose house for overnights. Yesterday, when I was letting them be together, I tried herding the juveniles into the Tolouse’s goose house (it’s large enough for all 4 eventually, when fully integrated) and oh, my, THAT was not a proper house, apparently. They flat refused to go in.

Anyway, the point of all that is, when I let them out in the morning, I normally let the juveniles out first and then the Tolouse, but I think I need to change that order, because the juveniles set up such a squawking, and I think they are calling now to the Tolouse (whom they cannot see, because those guys are still in the house).

Trying to figure out the mind of a goose, here…