Help for hip / glute / SI pain when riding

Thank you! I have been using the hard ball (I use a lacrosse ball) on all my sore sports for years, thanks to the advice of a great physiotherapist. It’s torture, but it works!

OK, so you already know about the hard ball. What has been your experience using it around your sore areas? Relief or no?

It definitely helps

Update: time and patience were apparently the right prescription, along with chiropractic, physiotherapy and going WAY more slowly with my strengthening exercises.

I’m back to about 90% of my normal pain level and can ride more or less pain free, still with a slightly lower range of motion.

X-rays didn’t show anything alarming, or even surprising given the number of hard falls I’ve had in my lifetime.

Some mild degenerative disc disease at C5-6, and a little more DDD plus some bone on bone arthritis at the very bottom of my lumbar spine, just above the SI.

Thanks for all your helpful advice! I asked for and got a percussion massager for Christmas which may replace rolling with a hard ball - looking forward to trying it anyway


FYI I’m new, but SI joint pain is my life. I have ankylosing spondylitis, which is an auto-inflammatory and autoimmune disease that affects the SI joints and spine (and other parts of the body). I am on Rx NSAIDs and a biologic, plus I do ultrasound therapy and I’m scheduled to have an epidural injection in part of my spine. I’ve also had portions of joints removed.

Based off your last post-- DDD and arthritis-- I would document your symptoms. What causes the pain? When is your pain worse-- morning, midday, night, middle of the night? What helps alleviate your pain? At this point, I would NOT go to a chiropractor and NOT do any PT except what your PCP prescribes. If you’re looking at something inflammatory, chiropractic can aggravate inflammation (they’re just not trained in inflammatory or degenerative diseases, which is fine) and PT must be specific to you.


Lifelong low back / SI issues here (my pelvis was crooked as a baby). Check out Foundation Training. The basic poses really help. I have had MRIs and everything, and nothing alarming has been found. But I have daily pain. Chiro helps a lot by keeping the lower lumbar adjusted. It calms down the SI. My chiro also uses laser, and I’m about to buy one for myself because it does really help. And Rolfing has been the best bodywork of everything I’ve tried, although for an acute flare up, muscle relaxers and dry needling and heating pads can help get through the worst of it, plus chiro. The chiro seems to reset the nerve issues I have the best.