Help me spend $$$$ on a saddle...or not?

I ordered it.

I am hard core second guessing the colour I picked: Red Brown/ Oakbark. I’ll link a photo. The other option is the one below it.

The saddles we tried were:
2 or 3 Childerics
2 or 3 CWDs
Several (5+) Prestige Models, I think the Paris came closest but it was a firm NO from him under saddle.
3 different Amerigos
Kent & Masters

I think I really did my due diligence and now I am going to hope, pray and drink wine to make myself feel better LOL. please cross your fingers this is not like my CWD experience. I think I have to wait until February due to Christmas shut downs

The red-brown will darken. It looks like it wants to turn into the same color that Edgewood and Aramas bridles turn when oiled.

The rep should be able to show you a picture of what it would look like when it darkens up and that might make you feel better… and if it doesn’t, the dark brown below is pretty and you should probably be able to switch since you just put the order in!

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What color is the horse?

I think the darker brown color is more classic, but the red/brown can be very attractive on some warm toned horses.

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One of saddles is lighter than I like. It’s…meh. If you are already meh, go with the darker color.

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Phew was able to change it to dark! I just think the light is too hard to avoid boot and stirrup marks.

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Their regular brown is quite a cool dark brown. The red brown isn’t a bad color at all. It will look better once conditioned and broken in.

Well it finally arrived.

And I am questioning the fit :tired_face:. The balance point seems off. Like the front is too low and the back too high. Hoping it is just a girth/settling issue because I had to use a loaner girth because the billets were so stiff

The fit doesn’t look right to me. Send these photos to the rep.

Try riding in it but don’t oil it.


He said it looks good. I am going to ride a few more times in it then have him out.

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Was it comfortable? It looks like it would be, in my trainer’s words, a “beanie buster.”

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Didn’t you say originally you ordered a smidge larger since he’s still growing?

Would a shimmable pad be worth trying to see if you get a better fit for both of you?

If he’s still growing, then that pad may be temporary until he achieves true shape.

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Looks a touch too wide. Have you tried it with a half pad?

I’d be curious how it looks when you’re sitting in it. Also, are these photos post or pre ride?

My Amerigo sat a bit similar at first, but then the panels seemed to shape/settle a bit.

I don’t like the look of the fit at all but sometimes they do have to settle. When you longe in it, does the back stay nicely on the back or bounce up and down a bit?

It does look too curvy in the back to me, which I imagine will fit even worse when his back is engaged/flattens. I would ride in it though and see what happens, but it doesn’t look right to me - what did your fitter say?

Forgot to update the thread!

So I oiled a fair bit of the stiffness out and got his regular anatomic girth on and its much improved. It does likely need a little half pad because I did order it a touch wide and with thinner panels (2 instead of 4)

I am not sure if this video will upload but its a bit of a goof since my 6yo daughter took it.

I have ridden in it 4 times and have my first lesson and O/F tomorrow. Fitter thinks it looks ok in photos but wants 20 rides before he comes out.

The first thing that jumps out at me is that when you pick up the trot, the saddle is posting along with you. That doesn’t surprise me given the lack of contact the rear of the saddle makes with his back, but I would not be happy about that in a saddle fit to me horse. A rear riser can take up that space and stabilize it if you are expecting your horse’s topline to fill out more, but it seems more like an issue with shape. Can you feel the saddle moving up and down as you trot?


Thank you Rel

In your experience could this be due to a too loose girth? The billets are still like hard plastic so the girth was loose. The horse is 4 (but I believe in good fit no matter the horses’ age- 4 or 40)

The saddle is designed for short backs, I think the panels could have gussets added and look less banana-y ?

All feedback welcome to bring up with the fitter! I am not shy.

OT, but I gotta say, I love the soundtrack on this video! ::::giggle::::


Just had to say I could not help but giggle when she giggles. :rofl: The little giggles of judgement

She’s a fantastic videographer. Better than many boyfriends and dads I’ve seen.