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Help - Opinions Welcome on Half Pads!

I feel like Devoucoux’s run on the smaller side of sizing so I have a 17", would the 16" or 17" be good?

There’s a size chart with measurements.

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Thank you!

Oh I love this - I never liked the foam inserts for a lot of other half pad options & I really appreciate the sizing (16" through 18" and the thin, comfort, cover options) here

I don’t own and foresee leasing for the next good bit and I’m always like “does this my saddle fit well enough with each horse and their different muscling through each seasons…”

I’m annoyed with my current half pad / riser options


Full of questions - 17" or 18" for 17.5 old PJ Pro? I thought i would need the 18 but sizing runs large?


This is my 18” pad under my 17.5 CWD. I could have used the 17” pad. My fault for not measuring the saddle first.


Ok more questions – can you take out the wool inserts from the front components and leave them in the back areas?

I’m torn between this system or this rear gel riser for my aged lease horse https://www.lemieux.com/us/horse-saddle-pads/corrective-pads/gel-rear-riser-black-one-size?gclid=CjwKCAjw6p-oBhAYEiwAgg2PgrzvIMVWyD3GANt2w7YGZpOTWEmAMc680Fq_pWmPMMgTcpSBWxYHSxoC7NwQAvD_BwE#selection.size=6703&selection.color=6636

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Absolutely. There’s a solid pad which you can get in two thicknesses, and then pockets for the shims. My pad has thin shims in the middle pockets to correct for a very slight bridging, and one thin shim in the right front pocket because he’s asymmetrical. It’s very versatile.

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This might be the true holy grail product. Apple fitness data always show asymmetry whenever I am riding him. Who am I kidding when I hike there is a slight asymmetry but when I ride my boy it is definitely much higher / worse.

comically, it was much lower / improved asymmetry on him during a dressage clinic with some 2nd level movements, but he is not the biggest fan of the sandbox & I always feel like his way of going / shape encourages a lack of straightness in me.

I also just love the idea of having it in my gear for any future animals or if I want to hack someone else’s horse in my saddle (I’m tallish at 5’9 so many saddles don’t have the right flap configuration for me)

I also love brown - all my stuff is black, white, & all shades of brown :heart_eyes:


I love my thinline halfpad that’s sheepskin with pockets for shims. I’ve had it for several years an it’s held up incredibly well. Super comfortable as well! I’ll keep it until I end up getting a custom saddle for my baby.


I spoke with my friend that I ride for to get a little more insite into what she looks for since our disipline is very demanding on our horses. She mentioned the Thinline being a little too thin for the hours we ride. For our 20-30 min rides, something thinner or even no half pad should be acceptable provided the saddle fits properly. She also mentioned leather does not allow for that area to breathe and can be quite hot so unfortunately, leather is out. ha

This just kind’ve confirms the wool felt/natural material theory(also mentioned be someone else above) for our hunts and just a regular Medallion half pad that I already own for hacks and lessons. Wool absorbs shock and moisture to help maintain body temps and regulate any portions of the saddle that might cause pressure.

Thank you so so much for everyones input, I’m super grateful to these forums since I just don’t have the exposure I used to when I was at a show barn and owning my own horse!

I have two different half pads that I use between my 3 different horses. The first is the Total Saddle Fit Six Point Wither Freedom Sheepskin Half Pad. Has 6 shim pockets and has held up really well for years. I think I’ve maybe washed it once in the 4 or 5 years I’ve owned it. I like that one for my more narrow ponies or ones that need specific shimming to help the saddle fit.

The second is the ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad (no sheepskin). This one is thinner and I use it when my saddle fits pretty well, but my horses seem to prefer the protection of an additional half pad rather than having the saddle on with just a regular saddle pad. This one I have had for about 8 years and it is still holding up well!