HISA Panic?

I am an equine professional, but not in the racing industry. I’ve done quite a bit of reading of policies said to be in effect 2023 for racing standards. But I guess my real question is, do they really have the authority to come onto your property, if you’re housing a “covered” horse, and seize the horse if they feel the horse has been subject to medical treatment or other treatment that goes against their policies? Some are claiming it’s a violation of the 4th Amendment.

I have only been able to find that they should have free access to all books, records, facilities etc of covered horses and persons in the event of an investigation, and that they can certain things like medication, paraphernalia etc that goes against their policies. I did not see a single mention of seizing an animal, or property that could be implied to be an animal.

It’s been discussed here, you may find your answers within this thread.

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