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Horse Scrambling in Trailer

We replaced our tow vehicle (previously 2007 Suburban now a 2018 F150) resulting in a MUCH better ride/ towing experience. However, she is still struggling to balance. There was some improvement but her knees were still buckling and she was falling/ leaning into the wall on a short, slow trip. She is mid treatment for EPM but I am pretty set on selling the trailer for a rear facing / load trailer. I am still a bit nervous that we replace the trailer and she still has issues but am trying to be hopeful that a rear load, specifically one with the ability to remove the divider and create a box stall will be the answer.

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I have a few students who have horses that have scrambled in the trailer. Here are a couple of my observations:

Almost always trailer is a bumper pull and not a gooseneck. In fact, in all of our cases they were bumper pulls. Not a formal study, just an observation.

Opening the divider (partial divider in all of our cases) cured 100% of our cases. In one case, just not putting said horse in the front spot of a slant load made him stop scrambling. He could go in any other spot, even the back.

I don’t know much about trailering but my trainer and I were JUST talking this weekend about how she prefers to haul horses backwards if it’s an option. They seem more comfortable and stable. Is that something you could safely try in this trailer?