I am still amazed at the empathy horses can show

His name is Milton. This is one of my favorite pictures of him. This was four years ago at my farm (the one I’ve since sold). I was closing the gate across the driveway as I headed out to work one morning and he came to see me off.

He’s such a sweetheart. Loves people to pieces.


We took my childhood Appaloosa to school for FFA Day when all the elementary kids would come over. He was cool with them petting his face over the fence, but was only 7 at the time and not exactly childproof, so that was all we let them do. However, one little girl was blind. After the other kids left, he not only let her touch every inch of him to form her mental image, he let her sit on him bareback and never twitched a muscle. Heck, he never let me do that, even years later! Looking back, maybe he wasn’t the best horse for that job, but he sure was for that little girl. And me :heart: He and Mom’s horse we bought later went every year after that until I graduated.


@RhythmNCruise, of course Milton is another App! Here’s mine from my story. Boy, I still miss him some days! There’s something special in those spots. Screenshot_20220506-133909-539|690x412


@JBCool, he’s gorgeous!

I agree. The spots are special. My very first horse 34 years ago was an app. I’ve had a couple of others over the years but mostly Quarter Horses. When Milton came along, I knew he was a keeper. He’ll probably be my last horse, so it’s fitting that I end where I began…with a sweet app. <3

Your boy was stunning. I bet you do miss him.


Thank you! He knew it, too. I showed him in hand at the local shows we did into his teens bc he loved to show off (and HATED losing!) My husband knows he wasn’t my first love, Rusty was. And I knew DH was the one bc Rusty liked him. Great judge of character, that horse. At aforementioned FFA event, he wouldn’t let the regular wild FFA boys near him, just the kids and our club president (decent guy). :joy:


What a handsome boy! He definitely is bonded with you very closely if he sees you off to work instead of eating grass and being with friends. Lucky girl! :kissing_heart:

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I got kicked pretty severely a few years ago… in camp, horses were dozy in the summer morning sun and the flies were coming up so I went out to put fly stuff on them. My good horse and a family borrowed pack horse were side by side. I went out, did my good horse, all down his open side, talking to him, flipping his mane around, happy fly dope time. Got to the back end of my horse and reached over, from behind my horse, to touch the borrowed horse and ask him to move over so I could go between. APPARENTLY borrowed horse was sound asleep and turned in to kick me twice, hit both shins square on. twack twack I remember buckling on my good horse’s hocks and not only did he not kick me for doing that, I remember him shoving into the borrowed horse, shoving him away from me. Last thing I saw of horses in that incident was my horse chasing Taco the borrowed horse away from camp. My good horse originally came to me a very scared of people horse, twitchy all the time but never mean. I’m always amazed that I fell on his hocks like that as if there was something super scary there and not a pudgy lady and he knew not only NOT kick me too but to shove off the other horse. That’s just one reason he’s living a much spoiled retirement with me.


Very smart boy! So happy he’s having a lovely retirement with you.:kissing_heart:

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