I have found my happy again...it’s AWESOME.....post 65, awesome is kind of awful just now

This weekend we had a visiting coach come in, well respected around here, and I was nervous, the first person outside my ‘bubble’ appraise Mellow and I. Having stepped down from 16.3 hh to 15 and nearly 1hh he just feels like a damn pony to me. Sounds funny when your hear someone else say “she owns the big white horse” I was very prepared for her to say we were not a good fit, being I am a larger person, but she said we were well matched. 🤣 I tend to believe her because I heard her tell someone later, very nicely, that she and her horse might not be the best match, novice rider and novice horse.

She, like everyone who has met Mellow loves him, thinks he is a great horse, “who found him for you?”
“I found him myself!”

I got a lot from our session, because I could just concentrate and ride, and wasn’t worried about what he would do, it’s so great. Now to concentrate on me, seems now I’m riding without a safety vest, and am relaxing, I’m now collapsed to my right side as I ride…the side I smashed up so badly…work to be done there!





The happy look on your face says it all. And that makes me happy for you.

I think sometimes we forget that riding is supposed to be fun not work or torture. If you aren’t having fun, then what’s the point?

I love your boy. I secretly covet him. He looks like a wonderful fellow. Whoever trained him did a great job. Enjoy! Keep us posted.

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Awesome. Love the smile in your last photo! That says it all.

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It’s ok to brag up a storm, here, KBC, as long as you keep posting pictures! Good for you and Mellow.

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:D. That is what it is all about.


Well let’s see, he is 8 years old, and has had, they estimate about 2 months worth of training over those years.:lol:

He is very green, but awfully smart and very laid back about life.

I love the fact that is he not over reactive, but he isn’t a total dead head either, did put in one major teleport at the newly opened big roller door in the arena one day…that in itself brought home a lot of things…my first thought wasn’t “I’m going to die” but “stay out of his mouth” He is making me a better rider, in ways that other horses haven’t, because it’s just so rewarding when we get things right.

:lol::lol::lol: He’s also making me a lazy person, since I discovered that one of the benefits of a short horse is that I can scoop the poop without getting off! Very handy trick.

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Oh we NEED a video of that.:yes:


He fits you much better than the red mare, and it’s obvious in these pictures that you are both enjoying it more.

Ha! I miss being able to collect up the traffic cones from the back of my little 15H appaloosa. The extra 3" on my appendix mare makes all the difference, and I’ve thought seriously about buying one of those grabber sticks for that purpose. :lol:

Congratulations on finding a treasure of a horse; the right match is so critical!

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Ask and ye shall receive…


This was our very first attempt, still annoyed that no one mentioned how loose my rear cinch was!


Glad you posted that video.
I was trying to figure how and why you would want to be picking horse apples horseback?
Was about to suggest trying horse diapers, like draft horses use in cities.:lol:

He is such a wonderful horse!
Once he figures what you are doing, he may start backing up to and using the manure bucket.

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Scared but determined described me too, and now I’m in the same boat where I actually look forward to riding instead of feeling sick with anxiety. I’m so happy you’re happy!


I am so happy for you. He’s a cutie and you’ve inspired me - I’ve been looking since I lost my Shire and can’t seem to find the right one. I’m so glad you did!

Why horse WHY?

Friend who rode Mellow to get her mojo back, asks can she borrow Mellow for her daughter to do her grad pictures. Answer, yes of course you can, if you bath him!

Next day he does this…


We have week to try and get him to look less like a prize fighter…



Gotta admire a horse who can beat up both sides of his face without actually injuring his eyes.

Hopefully by then the scrapes will be dried up enough that maybe an application of chalk or flour might help camouflage them? Carefully washed off after the pics, of course.

I’m very impressed with the two sides at once approach to damage!

I was thinking chalk or talc, didn’t think of flour, that’s a possibility. T did point out that the photographer can probably just photoshop the ouchies out. Wish they had that when my kids were small, one of them always seem to damage his face before school photos.

Well monster has decided that he really doesn’t like working, so we are going teenage tantrums. His first is to get offended at requests, and try and buck, he has enough energy to lift one hind and kick a little🤣

The other is to find anything and everything that ‘might’ be scary, and side eye, and side Step it. My old reaction to such things would be to get tense, and make it all worse, now I tend to laugh at him and say “get over it”

He has great timing though, these bleachers were built on a Monday, and the coach was just saying how the horses have been so good and ignored them, when Mellow noticed them for the first time. Worse, the bench that used to stand there was further along and close to the rail…he wasn’t amused.



Your new boy is super handsome!! Congratulations! :slight_smile: You both look like a great team and I love his name as well.

This horse is inspiring me to do all sorts of things a couple of weeks ago we did a photo shoot, big thing for me, I hate ‘posing’ for pics, and don’t like my body. The photographer was awesome, and I love what she took. It’s funny, I still see a small, white pony when I look at him, though the barn owner always introduces me as the person who owns the big white horse.







Lovely pictures that show a real bond and relationship blossoming.

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