I have found my happy again...it’s AWESOME.....the roller coaster rolls on, and it fell off the rails!

Seven years ago I had a major accident, decided I no longer wanted to ride English, so reverted to Western, and got involved in Western Dressage. It’s been a great journey with lots of learning, first on my saint of a QH, who has to retire way to early, then my opinionated red headed mare, then finally a fantastic, talented, wonderful TB.

All these horses have been great in their own way, and brought me a long way, but I was still the tense old lady riding in a safety vest. The TB was safe, sensible, but forward bound, athletic, beautifully trained, has scored well at 2nd level, and proved to me that my limiting factor is me, not the horse.

So I listed MrTalented, and he has sold, and I have a little 15.1hh paint. He has nothing much that was on my shopping list, too small, too white, don’t like the blue eyes. Then there is GREEN, although he is 8, used to be a stud, so had limited miles on him. Turns out though. He is my unicorn in waiting…not waiting anymore, he is here.

I’m now riding without the safety vest, feeling comfortable, and enjoying the ride. We call him Mellow, because he is, it’s a whole new experience for me, like when he had his only big spook so far, my only two thoughts were, stay on, stay off his mouth, not necessarily in that order.

While we are having fun though, have been told by a lot of people that I am riding a lot better…because I am relaxed I guess. When I bought him the idea was to do Western Dressage, now I don’t care really if we compete, as long as I’m riding and enjoying, that’s it, we won right there!





Good for you!

Both of you look busy and having fun in the first picture.
That bull looks like he means business.

Nice and elegant in the second one, sweet the way you have him going there.


very happy you found a super partner!

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@Bluey the bull is hilarious, the other side is a smiley white bull, and it takes the horses by surprise when the see his other face, especially if it’s with their other eye:) But the boy did good.

At the moment all we are asking of him is forward, and to move off the leg smartly and I am finding it liberating! No worries about the front end at all, just go, and work properly from behind.

I feel I have a brand new shiny book, and I don’t want to screw it up!

Yeah, if the engine is not working there is nothing up front to work with.

I love the basics.

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Awesome! Have fun with him!


Great to see and read how much fun you’re having! Enjoy!

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That’s awesome news! You two look great together. It’s awesome when you have a breakthrough. Congrats OP!

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Fantastic news!

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I recently found my happy place with my girl! No change of partner, but a new bit gave me the control I needed and is allowing us to communicate way better. It’s amazing when you remember what it’s like to have FUN again, relax, and enjoy your horse. We seem to be improving each and every ride now.

I’m glad you found a horse you can do that with! Congrats!


There is nothing like finding or having the ‘right’ horse no matter what discipline is your choice. Glad you’re enjoying the journey again. After all this is supposed to be fun.

I think I had forgotten that, was spending all my time scared but determined :slight_smile:

Funniest thing for me, I have spent the last few years being the person who will find good excuses to do groundwork, rather than ride. The other day I was saying that I REALLY need to do a ground work session with him, but I just want to ride!


This is everything. Way to go!

What a nice, inspiring journey. You go girl!!

Thanks for sharing it.


I am happy for you. This is supposed to be fun! Sometimes we forget that. :slight_smile:

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Wonderful! Please continue to post your progress. You guys look great!

Congrats on finding the right horse! It sounds like you two are the perfect match.

Today was a play day and BBQ at the barn. A friend came out, wondering if she would ride at all, just been cleared to ride after a difficult pregnancy and delivery. Before that she had been struggling with a young mare, that she as a very green rider should never had been sold.

I knew that she wouldn’t want to ride for long, just wanted to get back on board, so I warmed a Mellow up, and then let her ride, I think the smile says it all!




Indeed, that smile speaks.

Nice of Mellow to be true to his name.
Tell him he did good.
That blue shade looks good on him.


Ohhhh this was such a feel good post!!