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I should know what this is…but can’t place

Gelding who got into something, no one knows what, last Friday, yesterday he had thickened wrinkled looking skin alongside his withers. Today he has it both sides, and on his rump and stifles.

Not my horse, and I’m not involved in his care, but it’s annoying me that I think I have seen it before, but can’t bring that memory to the surface. Poor boy looks very sorry for himself right now, his nose and face were worst affected, and he isn’t a pretty sight right now.

Anyone got any thoughts?

seen horses that ate alsike clover do that, does he look like he has a sun burnt nose or mud fever on his legs as well?

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Isn’t that what it looks like when the skin is starting to slough off? Or is chemically burned?

Another vote for some kind of photosensitivity. I’d keep him in for a few days personally and treat that like a burn.


Mange with do that too.

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He’s been in for a week, and is getting worse rather than bettet

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No chemical burn, but I am worried about the skin sloughing, It’s bad enough worrying when it’s not your horse, I really feel for his owner.

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If skin is sloughing off could be a spider bite?

No bitey spiders here,

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I’m throwing this out there, is there any chance he could have something going on with his liver? I think liver issues can cause photosensitivity.
Sending him some Jingles.

@cayuse I know the vet took blood and pee samples and they are waiting for results, hoping I might hear from the owner today if they flagged anything.


And the answer is…he ate something that caused increased photosensitivity, and he burned :cry:

The presumption is that he will slough that skin, poor boy. He is now stalled during the day, and turned out at night, and is mum has ordered him full UV protection for turn out later.

He still needs lots of jingles, he has a way to go.


He’s got Jingles from me. Poor boy.

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jingles that he has a quick recovery!

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He is so much better in himself, BUT, he is going to lose looks like most of his hide…

Fortunately he has good skin underneath, but it’s going to be a long road for the boy.


Poor boy!

Holy moly! I’ve not come across anything like that to date. Much in the way of jingles to all involved :purple_heart:


Oh, poor baby! Glad there’s a (if uncomfortable and time-consuming) solution. Jingles, buddy!

It’s a first for everyone involved, and there is a kind of morbid facination over developments.

He is now very much to his pushy self, and feeling better. If you go in with him he presents whichever spot needs to be lightly scratched,

His still is interesting, because there are strands of hide hanging wherever he scratches! Sick humour, asked if they get a big sheet of skin come off, give it to me and I’ll craft something out of it…lampshade maybe?


Something for the owner to consider…invest in some really good fly sheets. Not for the flies but for UV protection. I have a pinto mare who came with a wrinkled neck some 6 or 7 years ago. If I am not super, super diligent about the fly sheet with the neck she burns almost instantly once her summer coat is in. Unfortunately this can be a permanent problem, we don’t know what originally caused my mare’s wrinkled neck, the previous owner said she had come to them that way.