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I think I did a good deed for a feral kitty 11/7--Gordon update and photo #99

@Foxglove, I would bet the talking is just him. Some cats are talkers, some cats never say a word.


Thank you!

Gordon is just thanking you with his normal chatter ~ he is one lucky boy and he knows it !

Yes !! It is really hard to be a feral cat mother ~ no need to ask me how I know ! However, it is so rewarding and … YOU ARE DOING AN EXCELLENT JOB !

Canter on ~ @Foxglove


The touching is great! Poor Gordon’s world sure got turned upside down, so its great that he is allowing you to ‘touch’ him. It will be interesting to see how he unfolds in the next few days. I think the meowing is a good sign, truly feral cats rarely meow or vocalize at humans. Its possible Gordon was a dumped pet and was trying to ask for help.


This was what I was thinking when she posted that he is allowing touching, even with things.


Gordon update —he’s outside in his cage during the day, near but not next to the feral feeding station. I have a game cam on him. As of today’s download, only one at has approached him. At the time, Gordon was sitting on top of his box and simply appeared to watch the other cat. No engagement. Gordon does seem to move around his cage more than I expected. I suspect he’s trying to escape confinement. Sorry, dude --you need to stay on house arrest for 14 days according to the vet --long enough for those hormones to leave your system --after that I will TRY keeping him in the barn --but during the daytime, my barn doors stay open --at night they are closed. I am sorry to say, he’ll have to figure it out or find his own lodging. The food will continue to be provide for him and his 14 feral soon-to-be friends. Gordon let my pat him all over with my riding crop today --I avoid the belly and focus on chest, head, chin, and back.


Great progress & sunshine and controlled “meet & greet” for Gordon !!

@Foxglove ~ spectacular job with this transition ! Enjoy your new “charge” ! Gordon is so handsome !

Again ~ a very good deed - indeed !

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that’s meow-se arrest



@Foxglove How is handsome Mr. Gordon doing ? Please an update & pic ???

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@Zu_Zu -on Sunday Gordon will have had his two weeks of house arrest —the length of time the vet at the Neuter Scooter said to confine him to allow hormones (and hopefully memories or his old territory) to dissipate. I have been spending time with Gordon twice a day at horse feeding time --talking to him, rubbing him with the riding crop and giving him canned cat food --the other feral cats have dishes of dry cat chow and a bowl of water --Gordon is getting the good stuff.

He was pretty quiet the first week, but now meows non-stop when I am in the barn. I think he’s unhappy in the cage. He doesn’t rush the door when I open it --usually just sits cat-meatloaf position and watches me put in food and fresh water. I did change the towel in his box once. He generally sits on top of his box during the day.

Each morning I put his cage outside beside the feral cat feeder. I have cameras on him at all times. So far, there have been two cats who approached him --their food is beside his cage now. He did not appear to engage with either one --just looked at each other. One kitty tried to make friends, but Gordon was asleep. I put his cage back in the barn at night.

My PLAN (and help me out if this isn’t a good one), is to let Gordon free inside the barn (he can’t get out unless I open the doors) on Sunday night (sunset), leaving his wet food near his cage, and his cage open. Then in the morning, on Monday, I’ll open the big barn doors --at that point he can stay or go. I will make the same noises I did before, and set his food out beside his cage. Cameras will let me know if he eats it or not.

After that, I thought I just leave the barn door slightly a jar and see if he comes in at night. I REALLY hate to do that as raccoons are a problem. I can deal with them if they do come in --but I really don’t want to keep the barn doors open at night. Raccoons get into my hay mow and then it’s a problem. I end up having to trap them and toss them out. And I really don’t want the feral cats in the barn --they stink!

I think I can stuck it up for a couple of days . . . what do you think? There are other outbuildings where the feral cats stay (the neighbor lets me ride on his property and I have seen them in his outbuilding where he stores insulation --they look quite happy on those big rolls of soft stuff. It’s a 3 sided (huge) shed –


Gordon this AM

Feral trying to make friends but Gordon is asleep: FYI that striped feral cat is on my radar for a November visit to the Neuter Scooter . . .he’s new this month.


Gordon looks great. I love his plushy looking fur and white bib. Also, it will take about 2-3 years for him to unlearn the tommycat behavior he learned so you may still get some fighting along with yelling and screaming insults and threats. I hope he stays and that he knows what side his bread is buttered on.


@Foxglove Sounds like a plan ~ just one suggestion - have you put some of his scat around the areas ? Marking for Gordon will help him know some boundaries ~ and others that he belongs here.

You’ve done an excellent job for Gordon’s transition to a safe life ~ please prepare your heart for the “I’m in hiding routine” ~ you may not see him for a few days ~ but Mr. Gordon will return ! Jingles & AO ~ the hardest part of working with ferals ~


Yes, cat scat spread in corners of my property.

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Yours is a Blue Ribbon Cat Plan ~ be proud ~ @Foxglove ~ how :four_leaf_clover: Mr. Gordon is to have you as his mom ~


I have to say “thank goodness for COTH” because I always learn things here that you never know when you’ll need to put to good use!

I heard mewing when driving last week. Turned out I had a kitten under the hood! That’s never happened to me before! She ran off as soon as we reached to nab her and has been enjoying being shy and eating the food set out for her ever since.

Thanks to advice on Menagerie and your thread, I just caught her in a loaner humane trap and mimicked your cardboard box house set inside a large dog crate.

She’s safe for the night (I’ve been worried about her). I think between barn and friend connections, I can find her a good home (unless I cave in…).

Her name is Mary Todd, as she was found under the hood of my Lincoln.

Again, I’m so grateful that you decided to post your experiences with Gordon. Best of luck with his transition to his new and better life.

Pic of Mary Todd as a thank you!


Mary Todd is a beauty!


@Dubyuhnell I vote for a ‘cave in’ for Mary Todd ~ bless you for helping her find her way into your heart and home ~

Gather supplies & a vet visit and inside before it gets too chilly ~ lots of toys too with feathers !!! How lucky you two are to have found one another ! Enjoy !!!


Lots of good deeds here! And Mary Todd is adorable!

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Oh her pic made me cry - she looks exactly like my Arabella who passed away not long ago. And I mean exactly.

Thank you for saving her and caring for her.


Love that you learned to pay the photo tax upfront! LOL I LOVE the name! and once a tortie has selected you - you can’t let them go!

Is Mary Todd warming up to being friendly with you?