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installment/payment sale - buyer income/credit verification requirements

Whew…yes,you dodged one on that. I would have been in the don’t do it group
even though I bought my first horse on payments. He was a whopping $1000,
paid $500 down and 6 month or so payment, but the income tax refund came though shortly thereafter and he promptly became all mine. He was also in the barn where I bought him the whole time.

$40k… that is a nutha ball game!


Wow - they sure are delusional! If the bank has no problem with their credit than perhaps they should use um, …the BANK! :confused: To expect someone to take that on personally is insane!

I’m curious to know if they are first time buyers.

I don’t really see the issue with it as long as the horse stays with you until paid in full.

The issue is the ownership of the horse is murky while it stays with you. Board, farrier and vet bills can be run up and you may not be reimbursed if the buyer no longer wants the horse. It’s better to have a clean sale.

Adding that it takes some chutzpah to ask to a payment plan on $40K and not want to show credit worthiness.

Wow. This is why we see stories about sales gone wrong in the horse world. No, no and no are my responses to the installment plan idea. Your trainer’s “promise” about their financial situation means nothing. That’s hardly a sound business plan.