ISO Saddle Fitter for Des Moines, IA area

Looking for a qualified saddle fitter who will be in the Central Iowa area or willing to travel to, this September. Or if anyone has contact information on one, I’d appreciate it.

For how many people/horses?

Emma is based near Iowa City but I believe travels over to the Des Moines/Ames area fairly often from what I understand. ELF Equestrian Leathercraft is her Business.

She also does leather repair

Ann Shelton Jacobson is great; she’s an engineer by training so she takes a very scientific approach to saddle fitting. She is now based in Hampton Roads, Virginia, but she makes regular trips to the midwest.

I second Ann. She usually comes up to the Rochester MN area twice a year. If you have enough people interested, she would likely come to the Des Moines area as well. She is very knowledgeable, likeable, and shares lots of tidbits with you to help you learn more about how your saddle affects you and your horse.

I’d also be interested. Keep me posted? I ride near Altoona, Iowa - two horses to fit, might know others in the barn that could be interested.

I’m also interested - in Des Moines

Thank you everyone for the recommendations! I am working on arranging another trip back home. Please email me at for more information or to be added to the list. - Ann Jacobson